How to Compose a Director Job Description in Google Docs

A position's job description becomes stricter and stricter as it goes up the ladder of the organization's structural hierarchy. A position at the top of that ladder is a directorial position. Specify the qualities of the director position your company needs by abiding by the steps below.

1. Give the General Position Details

Detail the general information about the specific director position your company is looking for. Mention the name of the department the successful applicant/s will be assigned so you can give them their specific working title. State the pay range, if allowable by your company, and a very brief overview of the director position you will be posting.

2. Describe the Job Duties

Complete a list of the job duties and responsibilities of the director position that your company needs. To practice transparency, divide these into two sections, the main areas of responsibilities and the job duties that fall under each responsibility. This will help the job candidates to identify whether or not they are willing to take on the director position's job assignments. Keep the descriptions as short as possible.

3. Lay down the Job Requirements

Make an outline of the director position's job qualifications. This may include sections like the educational level the applicant must have attained, his or her experience level, skills required, and other requirements according to your company standards. Be specific and clear with these details.

4. Consult the Job Description

Then again, even you are a human resource staff assigned to make compose this job description, the department needing the director post knows their need well. So to verify all the information you've written down in this job description, let a person in authority from that department double-check it. This will make sure that their needs will be met when that director sits on his or her position in their department.

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