The Director of Operations is also referred to as Chief Operating Officers (COOs). They are responsible for monitoring and managing the day-to-day operations of companies or organizations needed for business improvement and development. In most cases, they are under the direction and management of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). For instance, if a country is considered as an organization, the CEO would be President while the COO would be the vice president.

A Director of Operations is responsible for the direction and coordination of a corporate structure. Usually, the resume for this position requires an advanced degree such as a Master of Business Administration, as a Director of Operations is concerned with keeping companies profitable, from human resources to production, throughout their every function. Typically, a Director of Operations is accountable for a company or organization's growth and profitability. This role may include control of expenses, management of employees, production of goods, and supervision of departments. This role requires an individual to be highly organized, to have a keen attention to detail, and to work flexibly with various aspects of a company. The basic duties of any COO include supervising the departments of production, purchasing, and sales, identifying and targeting areas where a company structure can enhance its operations, monitoring margins for revenue, supervising the productivity of workers, researching and implementing new business growth and prosperity directives, and developing and implementing employee assessment, recruitment and promotion guidelines.

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