Drafter Job Description Templates

If You Want to Hire Drafters for Your Company,'s Free Drafter Job Description Templates Can Help You with the Right Wordings to Make Your Hiring More Effective. The Free Templates Are Suitable for Writing Drafter Job Descriptions for Structural, Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Technical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Electronic or CAD Positions. Make Hiring Easier and Download Our Templates Now!See more

These days, there are societies surrounded by all kinds of electronics and machinery to help improve our daily lives. But before these technological ideas become a reality, the skills of a draftsman and their expertise is a must. Their ability to draw up plans before it exists is astonishing and worth commending. Are you searching for a technical artist for your company or organization? If so, expedite your hiring process with our Drafter Job Description Templates! Quickly prepare a drafter job's details and qualifications by editing the pre-formatted content available. Don't wait any longer and download today--easily find a draftsperson for your engineering and mechanical needs!

What Is a Drafter Job Description?

As explained in an article from Wright State University, a job description outlines the various qualifications required by an available position. In the case of a drafter, some example requirements include computer proficiency, CAD operator job experience, and an associate’s degree.

How to Write a Drafter Job Description

A job description is quick and easy enough to make. However, if you’re not yet familiar with what to do, then simply remedy that by reading our tips found right below!

1. Be Clear about Your Drafter Position

Drafters come in all sorts of characteristics, from aeronautical to architectural drafters. Because of that, you must clarify the drafter you need right off the bat. So, after opening a new document in your processing application (e.g., Google Docs, Apple Pages), apply a title that contains a complete and descriptive term for your draftsman job.

2. Make Your Company Appealing and Interesting to Drafter Applicants

Once you have a title for grabbing the attention of job hunters, you should keep that attention by talking about your company or organization. Some things you can mention are the company’s goals and work philosophy. By disclosing a few interesting facts about your company, potential candidates will feel more comfortable applying to your opening.

To complement the given information, be sure that you include the company’s location, contact number(s), email address, and operating hours.

3. You Drafter’s Expected Responsibilities and Rewards

A crucial part of your document is the duties that applicants will be assigned once work on once they work for you. So, compose a list that has brief details per item. Additionally, write down a paragraph that explains how the draftsman’s position fits into the company’s overall scheme.

Besides the drafter’s responsibilities, it’s essential that you also entice candidates with a list of compensation and benefits--such as the salary, healthcare packages, and incentives!

4. The Requirements for Your Drafter Job Position

When your job description has the reader ultimately interested, you need another list that shows the candidate's qualifications. This time, divide the list into two categories: one for the primary draftsman credentials and the other for secondary matters.

Along with that, provide instructions on how someone can apply for employment. Avoid making it sound long and complicated to go through, to evade putting off applicants.

Now you know about creating a well-written drafter job description. If you need resources for your writing, then have a look at our Drafter Job Description Templates!


  • What are the primary types of drafters?

      1. Architectural drafters
      2. Mechanical drafters
      3. Electronics drafters
  • What is the responsibility of a drafter?

      A drafter creates detailed, technical illustrations of various machines, electronics, and architectural designs.

  • What are some skills and characteristics needed to be an efficient drafter?

      The following skills are a must to have if you wish to be a competent drafter:

      1. Mathematical and logical abilities
      2. Technical drawing
      3. Attention to detail
  • What kind of education do you need to work as a drafter?

      Commonly, drafters must finish a postsecondary degree in drafting, which a candidate can accomplish within two (2) years through an associate's degree from a community or technical college.

  • How much can a drafter make within a year?

      According to the website, Salary, drafters earn an annual wage of USD 39,000 - 67,000.