How to Make a Driver Job Description in Google Docs

Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, or personal driver, you have to be certain that you’re hiring people capable of fulfilling your specific vehicular duties. And so, your job descriptions should be well-thought.

According to a page from, the purpose of a job description is to give applicants a concise explanation of the given position and the employer. Allow us to lend you a hand in your writing with our comprehensive tips just below! Read up and find out how to create a spiffy job description using Google Docs.

1. Mention the Full Internal Job Name

To make your job description as informative as possible, you have to utilize every aspect of it to its fullest--that goes for the title, too. In your document’s title/main header, input the full official name of your driver position. This is important to include, especially considering the plethora of vehicles that a driver could possibly be proficient with.

2. Talk About the Position and Your Company (or Yourself)

Now, to provide applicants with more information about the given job, you need to give a summary of the type of driver you’re searching for. For example, when talking about a position for a forklift operator at a warehouse, you can point out the hazards that come with it and how you value an employee who takes safety protocols seriously.

Besides that, you should also talk a bit about your company--like its history and goals. If you’re an independent employer, then you can simply mention your own occupation and other professional details.

3. Provide the Needed Qualifications

If you want to ensure that you hire someone truly qualified for the position, then your document should be as clear as it can when listing down its requirements. It’s a good idea to split the list into a sublist for the minimum required qualifications and 2nd one for what’s ideal/optimal.

4. Responsibilities and Perks

You’ll want your candidates to be fully aware of what to expect if they get hired. So, provide a detailed list that points out each duty/responsibility that comes with the driver position. Along with that, create another list that explains the perks and compensation that they can receive.

Complement your recruitment process for a truck driver, courier driver, or whatever else; compose a detailed summary with our Ready-Made Driver Job Description Templates!

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