Online shopping is an essential part of how our modern world works. With virtual marketplaces, buying your needs is much more convenient. However, making an online store work involves a proper staff hierarchy, just like with its brick-and-mortar counterparts. So, if you run your own internet shop, then allow us to help with our easily editable eCommerce Organizational Chart Templates! Create an organogram for your human resources, product merchandising, data center maintenance, and more. And these samples are 100% customizable in Google Docs, giving you a convenient online editing option. So, go ahead and download today—put together a diagram for your eCommerce teams by using our 100% customizable templates!

How to Make an eCommerce Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Investopedia (an online business resource) points out that an organizational chart is effective due to its use of shapes. And its simple yet intuitive visuals makes it much easier to create and understand company relationships.

So, be it for an inventory warehouse or human resource department, organizational charts are indispensable for sorting out employees. If you’re looking to make your own eCommerce organizational chart in Google Docs, then let us guide you with our tips found just below.

1. Create Your Organizational Chart in the Drawing Window

Google Docs is great for making an organizational chart due to its drawing feature. You can access this by going into Insert > Drawing and then clicking on New.

After doing so, a new smaller window is now visible within Doc’s own work environment. This is where all of your work is done, providing you with a very intuitive space for creating your organizational chart.

2. Give Your Organizational Chart an Informative Title

First thing first—your chart’s title. Add this by adding a text box using the Drawing window’s Text Box feature in its toolbar.

Insert the text box by clicking the “T” icon in the upper toolbar. After that, click or click-drag at the top of your page to place the text box. And, when considering the title, enter something that’s descriptive yet fairly short—like “Warehouse Maintenance Crew” or “eCommerce Marketing Team.”

3. Add Shapes for Your Organizational Chart’s Symbols

Organizational charts are good because of their simple shapes and direct layout. Give your own diagram its shapes by using the toolbar’s Shape menu (next to Text Box).

Open up the Shape menu and pick either the oval or rectangle. Then, click or click-drag the fresh shape just underneath your chart’s title. While the first shape is selected, enter the name and job title of who has the highest authority (such as a manager or executive) in the given hierarchy. Continue with the rest of the members, adding more shapes for them as you go.

4. Use Lines to Represent the Hierarchical Flow

Interconnecting lines are essential when showing the different authoritative layers in your diagram. Add these lines by using the Select Line menu.

In the Select Line menu, choose either the Curved or Elbow Connector option. Next, place the line in-between two adjacent shapes, followed by click-dragging one end of the line onto a shape’s purple node. Do the same for the other shape and now you have a line that adjusts itself whenever either shape is moved.

Have you read through all our tips? With what you’ve learned, maintaining your online business’s workers is a whole lot easier! Finally, if you need sample designs for your diagram creation, then feel free to use our eCommerce Organizational Chart Templates.

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