How to Make an Educator Job Description in Google Docs

The role of an educator is way more essential and complex than others thought. They are responsible in planting new learning to a student’s mind. Also, they are responsible in providing inclusive education that would decide the student’s future. So, if you are in the industry providing education to students, you need to hire responsible, effective, and patient educators. How? Through job descriptions! The following are some of the effective and proven tips in coming up with a well-written educator job description.

1. Write Accurate Job Title

As technology is rampant today, there is no surprise that looking for jobs is also digital. With that, you need to include accurate job titles to your job description. As applicants cater their resume through searching for job title in the job posting sites, you need to stick to the basic educator title. For example, if you are looking for a competent nutrition and science educator, avoid fancy medical terms that your applicants might find hard to understand, instead, stick to the basics.

2. Outline Job Responsibilities

Educators have multiple duties and responsibilities, so you need to make sure that you include an outline narrating each task. Present them in bullet point form and describe each task in present tense. Also, include the time that each responsibility must render to be completed.

3. Specify Required Skills and Qualifications

An effective job description that attracts a lot of possible applicants must have a list of required skills and qualifications for the position. For each qualification, you need to include the required educational attainment, years or level of experiences, licenses, and more. For an educator, he/she must have a degree in teaching, prior experience as an educator, and a license required by the state.

4. Endorse your Company

If the potential applicants introduce themselves through their resume and cover letter, an employer must also introduce the company through the job description. Make your applicants visualize themselves working for your company. Include your company mission, vision, and goals. You can also include other company information, like location, number of employees, and more.

5. Include Salary and Benefits

Appeal more to your applicants by including information about the salary of benefit. If you do not have a fixed rate, you can include the range of the salary. Also, if the salary depends on the level of experience, include it into your job description. Apart from the salary, include employment benefits, like paid vacation days, medical insurance, and other benefits.

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