The discovery of electricity during the mid-1700s marks the strong desire of humanity to know the advantages of electric energy, which translated to the rapid development of our global industry today. Its discovery also marks the birth of a profession that significantly impacts the progress of industrialization; the electrical engineer. For sure, you've come to our site to look for a resume that would qualify you as a future electrical engineer through our Electrical Engineering Resume Templates. There's no need for you to stress on creating one resume from scratch for all of our templates is guaranteed pre-made and customizable. Just download it in your available Apple Pages app, then feel free to explore its easy-to-use features. Download now! 

How to Create an Electrical Engineer Resume in Apple Pages

Imagine a world without electricity. For sure, our life would be unimaginable, knowing to the fact that we rely so much on using electronic-powered devices. From the electrical power generation that provides us the light during the dark hours of the day down to our handy smartphones, all of these advancements credited to electrical engineers.

Along with the demand for modern technologies in this fast-paced global development era, the need for electrical engineers also comes along. In fact, there is a projected 2% of employment growth for electrical and electronics engineers for upcoming years. If you are aiming to create an electrical engineer resume today, then this is a chance for you to start it today. You can freely rely on the simple guide below:

1. Pick a Resume Format

You may think that resumes look the same in terms of format and structure; however, you're wrong. There are a lot of resume formats that one job seeker can choose to have. Forms like the chronological, functional, combination and targeted resume are the selection of resume format that you can pick; study on how each of the resume formats functions, for all of them have a particular purpose. Nevertheless, whatever resume format that you opt to have in your electrical engineer resume, make sure that it will display a professional and impactful approach upon sending it to your potential employer.

2. Lay your Vying Credentials

Your resume credentials would depend on whether you are writing your resume for an entry-level job or as experienced. If you intend to write as a fresher, your educational background and academic achievement alone is already enough for your resume. On the other hand, if you're writing your resume as an experienced who opts to aim to apply for another company, then your previous work experiences are essential to your resume construction. Upon laying them into your resume document, make sure that you follow your picked resume format.

3. Include a Well-Written Career Objective

For you to easily establish your aim in applying as an electrical engineer, inserting a career objective at the top of your resume is a big help for you. Creating one career objective doesn't need to be lengthy, for fundamentally, it only consists of 2–3 sentences long. In formulating it, it needs to be short but straight on point. For you to get guided on how to create one compelling career objective, consider these set of questions: what are your strong traits? Do you have the skills and capabilities as a future electrician? And what can you do to your company? Consider drafting it first on a separate sheet!

4. Make a Cover Letter

Having a cover letter after creating your resume is essential for you, for it will serve as an introduction that highlights your key accomplishments for the electrical engineering position. Although this is not applicable in most of the companies today, it is better if you have one compelling cover letter alongside with your resume.

5. Use a Template

So that you can save your time and effort in creating a resume, utilizing a pre-made template is your best resort. With this, check out our selection of ready-made resume templates above. All of them are tailored for you, especially that you opt to apply as an electrical engineer.

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