Without a doubt, electrical engineers are some of the most important professions out there. They allow for the development of electrical systems and helpful during the construction of new facilities. However, in order to get a job as an electrical engineer-- may you be a recent graduate looking for an entry-level position, or wish to improve your position in the field-- creating a resume is one of the key factors that will help you get the job. Lucky for you, we have a variety of Electrical Engineer Resumes in Word that is perfect for you! For our MAC users, we also have the resume in formats of Apple Pages (.pages). They are 100% customizable, ready to print, and well made. So download now!

How to Make an Electrical Engineer Resume in Word

There is a wide scope that falls under the duties of electrical engineers. In labs, power plants, mines, offices, and more, there is no doubt we need these professionals in order for us to go on with our day to day lives. With the expertise that electrical engineers naturally have, it is no wonder why their salary is quite lucrative-- approximately an annual salary of 91,000 USD. However, because we now live in a generation of innovation instead of invention, the job rate for this field is slow because of the slow decline in the manufacturing industry. This fact can be very disappointing and maybe discouraging especially for fresh graduates. But if you know how to market yourself through a fantastic resume that showcases your potential, the application process of finding a job can be more positive!

Whether you are a fresher or an already highly experienced electrical engineer, a convincing and effective resume should always be ready in your arsenal. If you need to create an electrical engineer resume that hiring managers will find interesting and appealing, continue reading so you can learn more.

1. Say Goodbye to DIY Resumes, and Select a Template

You want to stand out among the sea of applicants, right? Focus on the contents of your resume instead of how it is formatted. Let us do that for you! The professional resumes we have are laid out in a clean and professional manner. No need for you to worry about managing the spaces needed for your own resume.

2. List Down Your Professional Experience

While it is easier for experienced electrical engineers to create a list of things they have accomplished in their careers, students looking for an internship or just graduated from a degree in electrical engineering may have more difficulty. In this case, it is highly important that you include any form of job experience you’ve had, even if it’s not related to engineering. It could be volunteer work, a part-time job as a library assistant or even a student government position. Anything that shows that you are capable of holding down and can accomplish duties will be of great help for your resume.

3. Utilize Commonly Used Keywords from Job Description

Job descriptions often express what the duties and responsibilities are for the open position. When you use common keywords in the job description into your resume, it helps the hiring manager see that your skills are in line with who they are looking for. This also shows that you have attention to detail and actually read their job posting.

4. Ensure You Have an Equally Impressive Cover Letter

Resumes help list your skills and previous experience so hiring managers see that you have the ability to do the tasks they want to be done. Cover letters give a simple glance of your personality. Applicants have to take into consideration the attitude that they have and what they can contribute to the company. This gives them a better edge than those who are applying for the job just because they want an income.

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