Certificates serve as formal awards that officially signify people’s achievements, which means giving them classy designs is imperative. Fortunately, we have our downloadable Elegant Certificate Templates to help you achieve such designs. With our easily editable content, you can put together creative yet professional designs with minimal hassle. You can even pick from a wide variety of editing platforms (like Adobe InDesign and Mac Pages). Go ahead and download today—use our content to create printable certificates of your own!

How to Make an Elegant Certificate

In an article from Lifewire (a technology-focused resource), they explain that certificates are essential to formally award someone for their achievements, incorporating an appropriate style of wording. And so, given the nature of certificates, applying an elegant modern look is integral.

Are you wondering how to design a beautiful certificate on your own? No problem—simply read our tips (below) to find out how.

1. Prepare Your Elegant Certificate’s Size

The best place to start with your certificate document is the design’s size. If you prefer a small-sized certificate, you can go with 8.5 x 11 inches. However, for a much larger layout, you can opt for 11 x 17 inches instead. In terms of the layout orientation, both landscape and portrait formats are viable. And remember to implement a small bleed area to help prevent misprints.

2. Use Classy Designs in Your Certificate

For your background, border frame, and other visual elements, you should aim for sleek and minimalist design choices to achieve an elegant look. If you need a simple rendering style, then use shapes to make vector-type graphics. Additionally, utilize relevant branding colors in the certificate.

3. Incorporate Complementary Typography

In an elegant printed award, it’s important for your text to match the overall visuals. Choose a simple and easily readable font style for the majority of your written content, reserving a more decorative choice for the certificate title. Use larger font sizes for both the title and the awardee’s name. Regarding the font colors, use three at most that complement and stand out from the design’s aesthetics.

4. Write the Necessary Details about the Award

When drafting your certificate’s written content, start with your company or business’ name. After that, enter the certificate’s title followed by the awardee’s name. Lastly, state the award recognition and certificate’s reason, closing off with the date of presenting the award.

So, did you read all our tips? Create beautiful and elegant certificates for commemorating all kinds of achievements!

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