Are you planning an upcoming open-invitation Christmas party suitable for the whole family? Is your business in need of sales advertising for products on seasonal deals? Well, whatever it is that you need to promote for the holiday season, you can make use of responsive email newsletters to help spread the word to your online subscribers! And our selection of ready-made Christmas email newsletter templates can help you save time in putting one together! Every design template comes easy-editable and ready to format in HTML; each one available in 600 width layout, RGB color space, and 72 DPI resolution. Download now and write those letters with ease!

How to Make a Christmas Email Newsletter in HTML

With the use of our wide array of ready-made Christmas email newsletter templates, creating a professional newsletter to send to your subscribers for the holiday season is quick and simple! If you need some guidance on how to do so, just follow our steps below.

1. Write a Draft for Your Newsletter

Before actually putting together your newsletter, it’s important to think about the information that you want to convey. You’ll want to grab and keep the attention of your reader, encouraging them to continue reading and getting their interest in what it is you have to offer. Make sure your words feel lively and have energy behind them, with clever and catchy lines being a helpful touch in sprucing up your writing. From the eye-catching subject title to the spiffy call-to-action, every line and punctuation is gonna do its part in marketing your content to subscribers!

Laying out your words beforehand will also help later in deciding on the most suitable design template for you to use in the newsletter. Making your writing as fun and colorful as the imagery for your holiday newsletter is important to show to your readers!

2. Peruse Our Catalog of Holiday Templates

After you’re done with preparing what to write down in your email, the next step is to browse through our collection of ready-made Christmas email newsletter templates and to see which design you’ll need for matching what it is you have to say to your subscribers. All of our beautifully designed templates for email newsletters come with industry standards of format for your convenience—600 width layout, RGB color space, and 72 DPI resolution. Whether you’re advertising a huge holiday event or promoting various Christmas deals from your business, our diverse line of templates has you covered!

3. Download Your Template and Plan the Layout

Did you choose a design from our selection of templates yet? Once you have, download both the HTML and PSD files to start planning the layout for how you want it to look. Open up the PSD file in Adobe Photoshop, then combine the written content that you already planned earlier with the template and overlay any other images you want onto the main body of the letter. Make sure the design of the layout is compatible with the coding for it later.

4. Coding the Newsletter in HTML

Do you have your layout planned out now? Now it’s time to actually get the newsletter coded. If you’d prefer to skip the trouble of you or a colleague coding it, you can use a service provider to bypass that part and have your newsletter ready in no time! Also, remember to add a link to the web version of the newsletter at the top or bottom of your email, in case the reader needs to view the letter directly on a browser tab if their email client (such as Outlook) won’t display images correctly or at all.

5. Send Your Newsletter

Once you have your newsletter ready, don’t forget to also prepare your email marketing software of choice for mass-delivery, which should also make sure your letter doesn’t just end up being marked as spam by automated security. Cut down on hassle and have a merry time with our ready-made Christmas email newsletter templates!

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