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Are you finally opening your new small business? Besides your store’s new interior, product suppliers, and marketing strategies, you also need to develop an employee agreement. The legally binding document features the rights of both parties, work schedule, wages and other benefits you can provide for your new staff. 

But similar to other documents, you might need a professional’s help to come up with the best agreement between you and your employees. Know what you and your employees need to have smooth sailing operations for years to come with the Employee Agreement Templates in Apple Pages. With the ready-made editable content and headers, you can write a sample draft to show your lawyers and HR manager within a few days or minutes.

When you’re working on client data, write a Confidentiality Agreement in the employment contract to ensure the safety of your sensitive data. When you’re working with contractors for a new product launch, ensure no information gets leaked before the expected date in a Non-Disclosure Agreement also has general employee and sales agreement samples. Likewise, you can find simple templates for any business, such as Restaurant Agreements. When you find a sample suitable for your purpose and business, download your file in an Apple Pages format or other files ideal for your editing program. 

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