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The moment an applicant is employed, they have a set of responsibilities to pay towards you and you towards them. With that said, you have to spell everything out so that you can both find your middle ground. How? Through an employee agreement document, you will have a medium that will help you set your terms on a clear note. But writing the document can sometimes be a challenge. So, if you need samples to work with, choose from our free-to-download and 100% editable Employee Agreement PDF Templates

Our employee agreement templates have ready-made custom content to give you a seamless editing experience, and therefore, help you finish your document faster. From this pool of agreement templates, you can find the template you need that you can use for specific employment agreement terms and conditions that your employees are subject to. As such, on this page, you will discover an all-encompassing array of employee agreement samples that you can use to write non-compete and Non Disclosure Agreement documents, confidentiality agreements, separation agreements, and retention agreements, among others. In addition, we also provided employee agreement templates that are useful for a variety of business types and industries, including but not limited to restaurants, advertising, real estate, and nonprofits.    

The thing about agreements is that they are not as legally binding as a contract. So, if you want to make your employment agreement terms with your new hires and current employees more legally enforceable, an employment contract is a rule of thumb. To get you started, make good use of our Employee Contract Templates. If you need other document samples and templates and wish to get unlimited access to all of them, please subscribe today.