A firm’s success is measured by the excellence and diligence of the strength toiling behind its name. Their accomplishment in each task and responsibility is their company’s every step towards a progressive and a sturdy future. Recognizing their efforts is substantial not only as an act of gratitude but to boost their morale as well. Honor their dedication and acknowledge their skills using our vast collection of Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates in Apple Pages (MAC). They are laden with professionally made design, artworks, and suggestive content in a full high-quality layout. They are conveniently customizable across all devices. Avail our best creations for free by signing up for any of our affordable subscription plans today!

How to Make an Employee Appreciation Certificate in Apple Pages

A 2014 online global study spearheaded by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) involving 200,00 employees across 189 countries found out the top work satisfaction factor for the majority of the respondents—work appreciation. This is ahead of 25 more factors which involved tangible benefits such as high fixed salaries (ranked 8th), travel opportunities (ranked 22nd), and a company car (rank 26th). These results indicate how workers are now more inclined to “softer” factors. This presents a modern approach to solving problems such as workforce inconsistency and impermanence: recognizing your human resource’s hard work and service.

Award their exemplary effort with an equally excellent appreciation certificate by following the instructions below:

1. Get the Details Right

Being recognized for an outstanding performance is undeniably among the highlights of a person’s life. It’s also an affirmation that his works are regarded highly. It will contribute to his background and professional standing. That’s why it’s important that you get the right information when crafting your certificate. Establish your candidates and conclude your selection process first. Confirm the list and ensure that you have all of them written down correctly. Imagine what a disaster it will be when you announce the wrong names during the ceremony and deprive the right people of what they deserve.

2. Apply a Fitting Color Scheme

When you plan your certificate’s layout and color palette, consider the nature of the event and what type of appreciation you’re handing out to your personnel. If it’s workplace-based and performance recognition, stick to a professional and basic certificate layout and avoid glaring hues. Choose muted or darker tones. You can use your company’s color scheme and logo to integrate your establishment’s brand. However, if the award leans on a funky and hilarious theme or if it intends to make a pun, go crazy!

3. Less is More

A certificate’s content should never overpower its borders and other design elements. Create large spaces in between each context to make each word legible. Highlight important details (i.e., recipient’s name and the award title) with a larger and a different font style. The spaces will make the entire layout look neat and professional. Keep in mind that your recipient might hang this achievement certificate proudly for decades. Make it presentable.

4. Choose a Template

Using Apple Pages as your editing application will limit you in numerous ways. It has inadequate graphic design tools and is specialized to work perfectly on text documents, not graphic materials. However, you can still use the same software for your certificate-making when you make use of a certificate template. This way, you’ll be provided with a complete layout with all the needed content. You’ll only be required to fill in the necessary information. Consider making your selection among our varied template collection. It comes in different categories, themes, and styles for your every need. They are made to be highly customizable in various applications for your convenience. Check them out!

5. Use a Heavier Stock Paper

Your certificate’s paper quality can make or break the entire material. A thin and low-quality paper can be a notion that the award is not valuable. On the contrary, a heavy and first-rate paper stock can add more weight to the reward’s worth. A certificate is also a prized keepsake for most people, so use durable stationery that can withstand the test of time.

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