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How to Make an Employee Excellence Certificate

Did you know that the lack of recognition can ouch people to leave their jobs? Apparently, according to Gallup's findings, the dearth of recognition are among the top reasons why employees look for new opportunities. Never mind enticing bonuses and high compensation, you're bound to lose your top talents when you don't appreciate their efforts.

Here are some tips on how to make an employee excellence certificate:

1. Gather Certificate Details

The easiest way to arrange your certificate format is to know what details you want to include on your certificate of excellence. This allows you to visualize how your details will come together and how the overall layout will look like. For reference, here are some award certificate details that you can include:

  • Certificate title
  • Title description
  • Recipient name
  • Date, time, venue of the awarding
  • Company logo
  • Name and signature of the management

2. Decide on a Layout Theme

Once you've completed your content outline, proceed to decide the visual design of your layout. Do this by coming up with a theme that can help you figure out the aesthetic elements you're going to use. You can also opt to make a business certificate using your company's branding designs, such as the logo and the color scheme.

3. Use Fitting Font Styles and Color Palette

Remember to match your theme with a suitable typeface and color palette to achieve a cohesive result. For example, if you want to present an elegant certificate, you can opt to use calligraphic fonts or a simple Helvetica typeface. You can also make use of delicate colors and pastels paired with metallic touches. You can also go for a formal certificate design that you can use for any occasion and setting.

4. Use a High-Quality Paper Stock

Much of the result you want to present is only possible when you print your document on high-quality paper stock. It also alleviates your recognition certificate's value as it ensures that it's not vulnerable to wear and tear even when stored for a long time.

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