How to Write a Good Employee Notice

Some employees may not behave the way they must, which can be a problem for your business. Liz Ryan (former Forbes contributor) said in her article called, "The Truth About Employees With Attitude Problems" that people have bad attitudes sometimes, which is true. And to address the problem formally, you may write an employee notice. And to help you write this notice, read the tips below.

1. Be Formal and Keep It Simple

In writing an employee warning notice, you must write in a formal tone. This formal tone will show your professionalism and seriousness about the issue. Additionally, keep your letter simple. Avoid making the issue complicated while you're writing it. Make sure that you're direct to the point.

2. Write Why You've Written a Notice

Next, your employees might be surprised why they received a notice if you don't write why you've written a notice in the first place. So, always make sure that you write the issues why the employee received such document. Your reasons can be absenteeism, tardiness, inappropriate job behavior, violation, and other reasons that are against your employee handbook.

3. Write the Disciplinary Actions or Consequences

Additionally, you should write on your letter what will happen if your employees will not improve their behavior. You may write termination of employment as a consequence for not following, or you can write suspension for a period of three days. The decisions will depend on your company.

4. Use a Template

When you're too busy to write from scratch, then a template will solve your problem. We have a lot of well-written templates on this site that you can use as a sample, a warning letter, and a notice. You are just one click away from a well-written notice for your employees.

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