As a company, you must have records of your employee's attendance, work hours, basic information, etc. These records can help you track your employees' performances and give the right payment to them. You can do your documentation or recording by using employee sheets. Employee sheets are useful documents that you can quickly read and analyze. And to start recording your employees' activities, check out our trove of ready-made Employee Sheet Templates in Microsoft Publisher. These templates are printable and editable. These have professionally made layouts for you. What are you waiting for? Download a template today!

How to Make an Employee Sheet in MS Publisher

Neil Jesani, a certified financial planner, said in his LinkedIn article that companies keep records to document their employee's relationships with them. Additionally, documents can also come in the form of sheets. A company uses these sheets to acquire information like attendance, work hours, and others.

And if you need to create an employee sheet today in MS Publisher, just check out the useful tips below.

1. Identify the Purpose

There are lots of employee sheets that serve different purposes. So, when you start your staff sheet, you need to identify what it's for. Do you need an employee timesheet, employee attendance sheet, employee personal information form, sign-in sheet, performance review sheet, or others?

2. Create a Table

Usually, sheets contain a table on their pages to make the data easier to fill out and understand. So, divide your table according to the information you need. For instance, for a timesheet, you can divide it into sections (date, start time, end time, regular hours, overtime hours, and total hours),

3. Provide the Necessary Data

An employee sheet contains the necessary data to be complete. To begin, you should provide your company details like what you see in letterheads or business cards. Second, you should include your employee's information like the name, department, ID card number, job position, and supervisor.

4. Make It Neat

Every sheet you make has to be neat to be readable. A neat sheet is convenient for anyone who's going to fill it out and assess it. Aside from convenience, an employee sheet is also a representation of your company. When it's professional-looking and formal, you're going to leave the impression that your company is credible.

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