What is an Engagement Invitation?

An Engagement Invitation is an invitation made intentionally for your engagement party. The engagement party is usually attended by your closest friends and relatives to tackle the incoming wedding, to give both sides of the family to get to know each other and to celebrate the recent engagement. Engagement invitations vary in design. Some are handmade and some even incorporate their pictures into it. The necessary details of an engagement party invitation must include the date, location, and time.

How to Create an Engagement Invitation

how to create an engagement invitation

The first thing to consider when creating an engagement invitation is deciding on the theme. The first thing that a recipient notices when he/she receives the sample invitation is the design itself. So might as well hook your recipients with an eye-catching design. The design itself will serve as a hint of the event's theme. Read through the tips below on how to create an eye-catching engagement invitation.

1. Write a Brief Message

This brief message is an introduction as to what the event invitation is all about. This introduction can be as simple or as poetic as it can get. This also entails the names of the couple about to get married. You can search for ideas online if you are having a hard time coming up with this.

2. Don't Forget About the Time, Location, and Date

Your recipients have their respective priorities, too. So you might wanna send your wedding invitations in advance so they can incorporate it into their schedules. Indicate if children are welcome to attend and if you allow plus-ones.

3. Incorporate the Name/s of the Host

Typically, the hosts of this event are the bride-to-be's parents. However, this doesn't have to be set in stone. You can negotiate with your partner if you have chosen hosts in mind. This is so guests know who to approach on the day of the event. Do not forget to inform the hosts as well that they are responsible for this event's preparation and expenses.

4. Have Your Guest List Ready

Your wedding is one intimate celebration between you and your spouse-to-be. Invite only the closest friends and relatives who care enough about your big day. Communicate with your partner and decide which ones make the cut.

5. Inform Your Recipients to RSVP

The importance of RSVP is to determine how many seats are to be occupied. Inform them on how they can do this, whether by contacting you or through email invitation. Also, indicate the deadline of the RSVP so you can determine the number of attendees.

6. Send Them Out

After having accomplished the tips above, you are now ready to send your invitations out! You can use the checklist you have used in tip number 4 as your guide in accomplishing this tip. As you go along the list, do not forget to tick the names of the recipients to avoid sending double. Do not forget to enclose your invitation in an envelope to avoid any creases on the card.

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