Road works, infrastructure repairs, and gadget projects, all of these need the expert hands of engineers. As the global economy projects to grow in the next few years, engineering works will continue to prosper. That is why engineering career options will always be an opportunity to consider. So, are you ready to take a big leap into the real world? Get your application prepared by exploring through our Ready-Made Engineer Resume Templates in Apple Pages. Files available in (US) 8.5x11 and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches. So, market yourself in the industry. And find the confidence in sending off your application. Download a template today! 

How to Make an Engineer Resume in Apple Pages

Did you walk on a beautiful pavement today? Or, use any of your appliances? Time to thank an engineer. Going back, the history of engineering started in 2550 bc. We can bring this back to the construction of the ‘Great Pyramid’. Several years later, we never knew engineering would be a prestigious career. Today, there are over 40 different types of builders and designers. There are the civil, project, mechanical, software engineers, and many more. Perhaps, these are also among the highest-paid professions globally. According to ASME, data revealed that U.S engineers get a $99, 738 regular salary in 2011.

As the demand for infrastructures and gadgets rises, engineering employment positions also increase. To make way for fresh graduates to get into a position in the industry, applying would be necessary. It all comes with a well-written resume. A document that details your experiences and expertise opens a great opportunity. Below are the tips that will help you create an Engineer Resume in Apple Pages.

1. Write a Qualification Summary

Typically, resumes will include the objectives in the first part. However, some employers tend to brush-off this section in your document. So, to start with, create a qualification summary instead. Define your target position. Make sure that your qualifications perfectly fit the job you are applying for. Aside from that, determine your credentials and list them. Consider adding a snappy headline that will get an employer’s attention.

2. Add Your Accomplishments

For every professional resume, one of the key advantages of every employer’s confirmation is your accomplishments. So, list all of them in bullet form. One way to evaluate your achievement is through awards and certificates. It doesn’t need to be lengthy. Employers don’t have the luxury of time in the world to review every word you write. Phrases will do, as long as it is easy to understand.

3. Make a Project List

Your project list is your work experience. For college graduates, you must undergo internships and apprenticeships with different companies before. Engineering companies are very much particular with your working skills. These, too, are key advantages to getting the position. You can place many as you want. But remember to keep the transparency. To do this, put your job position, year, and the company you worked with.

4. Add a Contact Information

To know that your application mesmerized the company, wait for a callback. However, you need to ensure that the contact details must be active and existing. For every basic resume, indicating your personal information is necessary. This includes your full name, permanent address, contact number, email address, and website if there is any.

5. Follow the Correct Format

Always take time to observe proper formatting. Resume format follows an appropriate organization of details. As a general rule, ditch the hobbies. Always consider proper spacing and margins. For the font style, Times New Roman is among the commonly used styles. But, you may also opt for Georgia, Garamond, and Sans Serif fonts with no tails. Other than that, reviewing would be essential. Once done, save your pages application using Mac. Next, ensure to keep both printed and digital copies.

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