How to Create an Engineering Flowchart in Google Docs

As much as how flowcharts are essential in achieving your project goals and solutions, not everyone is highly knowledgeable about its functions. According to the IIT Bombay website, a flowchart is a graphical representation of the step-by-step procedure in solving a problem. Like an engineering roadmap, flowcharts are essential in illustrating the process, decisions, and actions required to achieve the endpoint of the project. Its simple way of presenting its data makes it easier and efficient for engineers to understand and perform the tasks necessary to complete their projects.

Stated below are a few tips on how you may create your engineering flowcharts in Google Docs:

1. Identify the Problem and Objective of Your Project

Determine your project's problem and objective then provide all possible actions necessary to achieve your solutions. Brainstorm on how you may obtain your roadmap goals, establish your scope of work, then determine the responsibilities of the people involved in the project.

2. Create a Sequence of Actions in Achieving Your Solution

Indicate your workflow and process roadmap from the starting point of your flowchart down to its endpoint. In doing so, make sure to break down large chunks of methods into a hierarchical set of smaller flowcharts to make it look less daunting and more understandable for your readers.

3. Formulate Follow-up Actions for Every Decision Made

Once you reach a decision symbol in the flowchart, provide accurate results and an alternative set of actions to be taken. Then, consider how it may affect the entire workflow of the project. Make sure to give the significant inputs and outputs of your process and provide the necessary results for each decision made in your engineering or construction flowchart.

4. Close the Flowchart with the Start/End Symbol

Recheck whether you are using the right symbol for each action or not, then check the arrows connecting your shapes. See to it that they coordinate with the workflow chart, then make sure that your flowchart has a starting point and an endpoint to close the process officially.

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