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How to Create an Environmental Flowchart in Apple Pages 

All organizations that conduct a series of environmental fieldwork must undergo the same process of following the rules and regulations. But although these mandates restrictions, the processes and procedures create a bigger perspective of the task execution. Such as in the maintenance repair process and the transportation planning process, following a workflow helps in executing smarter and more accurate decisions in the work process. But some environmental organizations fail to meet the standards and policies due to the lack of solid step by step flow of work procedures. To avoid repetitive mistakes and errors, we help you create an Environmental Flowchart in Pages. Consider reading the steps below. 

1. Know Your Organization 

What does your organization do? Often, companies tend to forget to dig deeper into the guidelines, policies, and general terms of their work. This type of situation could also often increase the risk. For employees and members to do well at their job, know what kind of fieldwork does your organization cater to. There are wildlife federations, mining, environmental defense, and so much more. All of these have different work processes to follow. So, gather everyone for a meeting. Make your notes. Then, start the next step. 

2. Outline the Process 

After determining what your company does, grab your notes. Now, start creating an outline. This is the process where you are allowed to jumble the steps. But make sure they are credible. It includes the planning, scoping, execution, and all the steps in between. But remember, keep it short. Don’t forget to avoid using slang words. 

3. Develop a Structure 

Once you are ready, visualize the process. Using Mac, launch the Apple Pages application. Open a new document. Now, decide if you need to create from the beginning or with a ready-made template. Chances are, you will need to have more time when designing from scratch. But to get things done efficiently, our website offers Environmental Flowchart Templates. Apple Pages allows you to edit the layout upon your preference. Add shapes or boxes if you need to. 

4. Incorporate the Steps 

With the list of steps that you have, start incorporating them in the chart. Now, remember that it is one process per box. Don’t overdo it. For example, you can add pesticide spraying or emergency notification in each box, but make sure it is sequence accordingly. It’s a critical process. You have to make sure to avoid jumbling them. One mistake in proper order could pose errors. To do this, add a text inside a Text box. Drag it to the place where you want to add the process. 

5. Customize and Publish 

Customize the chart by adding colors. Select the Format button, then change the background color of the shapes. But remember, keep a simple chart clean and pleasing. Now, overpopulation within the organization may hinder sustainable development. But keep in mind that proper distribution of workflow could prevent circumstances. When done checking, print as much copies you need. Relay the process and discuss it.