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What is an Invoice Estimate?

An invoice estimate is an expected bill that is usually given by a seller to a client before payment is given to a delivered product or service. This formal document consists of the amount and cost of an item, taxes, and other additional charges.

How to Make an Invoice Estimate

At the beginning of a negotiation, when your client wants you to work on a project proposal, like a construction project, kitchen renovation, website development, or a simple invoice graphic design, you provide them with an estimate. Once the job is done, you bill them with an estimate invoice.

1. Choose a Good Estimate Invoice Layout

In choosing your business invoice layout, use the one that is easily readable to everyone. Make sure that it indicates your company information and your clients' information, your invoice header, your date, and invoice number. Most importantly, make sure it has sufficient space to describe and itemize your fees. if you have problems in choosing a good layout for your estimate invoice, feel free to check our designs at

2. Add Important Information

Add your company information and represent your logo. Indicate your clients' information and contact details on the invoice. If you are handling auto repair, electrical repair, or home repair, indicate the information of the items you have rendered service upon. Like the model, year, and the color of the vehicle, or the address of the house you repaired.

3. Indicate Your Job Description

Usually, contractors, electricians, masonry, mechanics, and landscape architects are the ones who use an estimate service invoice. Depending on what type of project you are working on, you must indicate your job description to the specific labor you rendered. Were you asked to do the roofing? The flooring? Or the painting? Specify each scope of your task.

4. Establish Your Terms of Payment

Next, is to establish your terms and conditions in regards to your payment methods. You may ask your clients to pay you through cash, check, credit cards, or through online payments. Specify a due date for the completion of your client's payment. Around 30 days or so will suffice.

5. List Down the Materials and Services Rendered

Once you covered all the things mentioned earlier, list down the materials, equipment, and services you have rendered. For example, if you did a car repair or a paint job, specify the car parts and their part numbers used to repair the vehicle, or the amount of paint you used to do the paint job. Don't forget to indicate your service charge or labor cost.

6. Review and Total Everything

After you finished itemizing everything, indicate the quantity of the materials and equipment used together with their prices. Sum them up and add your service charge. Indicate their tax and the rest of your additional charges, and create a small summary at the lower part of your sample invoice and total everything. Lastly, deliver your estimate invoice to your clients and have it rechecked by them once more.

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