How to Create an Event Desk Calendars in Google Docs

The word "calendar" is derived from the Latin word “kalendae,” which means the first day of the month. Calendars serve as a tracker for commercial, administrative, religious, social, and even personal purposes. So, whether you are a professional event planner or your everyday salaryman, you're sure to benefit from an event desk calendar. Want to start making one? Then here are some tips that can help.

1. Add Visual Elements

It's best that you start with a white background. For the visual elements, you can include not only the calendar dates or months but also borders, stickers, photos, quotes, and other modern designs. When choosing a photo, ensure that it is one that you took in order to avoid copyright issues or you can use those that are royalty-free.

2. Incorporate Your Branding

Whether it's similar in purpose to a business desk calendar or meant for personal-related reasons, it's best that you incorporate your brand the calendar; this means including things like your name or that of your company's, a logo, or whatever it is that establishes that you've made it.

3. Add Reminders for the Events that You Must Not Miss

Meetings, conferences, trips, and other important events that are in your schedule must be well-plotted on the calendar. Always double check if the details of the item you plotted are complete and that you plot out exactly when they are supposed to take place.

4. Decide to Print or Save in Your Device

Since we are living in the digital era, apart from printing your calendar, you have the option to create a mock-up and save it in your device so you can use your desk event calendar as a wallpaper or screensaver. If you want a printed version of your calendar with tangible binders, then you'll want to find sturdy enough material to print your calendar into.

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