What Is an Event Invitation?

An event invitation is to request the attendance of a person on a specific event. Eventsforce says that only 23% of the respondents of their research are using print invitations for their events while the 93% prefer sending through email. But it will depend on you which of the latter you prefer using. To add with, there a lot of different kinds of event invitations such as business event invitation, corporate event invitation, company event invitation email, or event participation invitation letter, wedding invitations, graduation invitations, bridal shower invitations, online invitations, and others.

How to Make an Event Invitation

how to make an event invitation

You need to make event invitations if your company is hosting an event. Here are pieces of advice on how to make an event invitation.

1. What Is the Event?

What event is your company hosting? Is it a seminar, an appreciation event plan, a company or an organization milestone, or others? Put the title of the event on your invitation.

2. Location

In order for the invited people to know where the event will take place, you need to add details about it. Give a specific place of the location. Is the special event going to take place in a hotel, in the company, a ballroom, a theater, a restaurant, a convention, etc.? Give the specific address so that the guests won't get lost.

3. Time and Date

Write down the date of the event, make sure that the set date is as early as six weeks before the event to give time for preparation. Don't forget the time; you would not want your guests to come late. Include the event schedule; the start time of the event and the end time of the event.

4. Other Details

Include in your formal invitation other details like if your guests are allowed to bring someone with them, the attire your guests should wear (white tie, black tie, lounge suit, smart casual) if ever it is not clearly understood in the event description, the things your guests should bring (if there are any), and the catering information.

5. Invitation Wording

Invitation wordings differ. Examine your event ambiance and make sure to keep it parallel to your party invitation format. A corporate event wording is different from a birthday or wedding invitation wording. Use formal wording if your event is formal. Match your wordings with the proper font; for example, a calligraphic font can work. However, keep it simple to make it easy to read.

6. Heading

Make sure your heading tells the guests that they are invited to the event.

7. Make Use of White Space

Don't forget that your guests should receive a readable and neat piece of creative invitation. Use white spaces to separate your graphics and texts.

8. Name of the Host or Hosts

For a business invitation, the hosts should be listed according to ranks. The CEO comes first, next is the president's name, etc. When your event is informal, and the hosts are on the same level, you may list them alphabetically. If the event is held in one of the host's residence, it is important to put his name on top.

9. Print

Use premium paper for your printable invitations. You can use a super-thick 16-point gloss cover stock if you want to.

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