Excellence Certificate Pages Templates

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Recognizing the outstanding performance of an employee or student is essential, especially when they have performed exceptionally in work or class. They would surely appreciate the recognition you'll give them. Properly recognize their efforts and hard work by presenting them with a certificate of excellence that they truly deserve. Here are our fully customizable Excellence Certificate Templates that you can instantly download onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. These printable templates are easily editable since they are compatible with Apple Pages for a guaranteed easy editing experience. These are professionally crafted templates complete with appealing layout, neat formatting, and well-written content. What more can you ask for? Save a lot of time creating one from scratch and download any of these premium templates in just a few clicks. Get one today.

How to Make an Excellence Certificate in Pages

Getting the recognition you deserve for all the hard work and efforts you have put into at school or work can be gratifying. According to Forbes, about 90% of employees that received recognition or appreciation reveals that they have a higher trust level towards their boss. Getting appreciated makes both employees and students feel valued. There are ways to recognize the outstanding performances and achievements of people. It can be by a simple gesture of thanks or by giving them a raise — however, the best way to recognize them is through giving them an excellence certificate. Presenting the employees and students with this certificate will serve as an attestation to the appreciation of the higher-ups for their efforts. If you are inclined to have one at your disposal now, here is a guide to help you easily create an excellence certificate through Apple Pages.

1. Gather Essential Certificate Details

In most award certificates, you will commonly find details like the title, presentation line, awardee's name, presentor's name, short description, date, company name, location, and signature line. You can typically find these on most certificates since these are vital information. You may use several fonts but not too many to avoid overdoing it. Your excellence certificate needs to look neat and clean. However, if you use too many font styles, the end product will appear cluttered and unprofessional. 

2. Give It a Design

To outwardly show you truly appreciated the recipient of the award, exert effort in designing your certificate. Contemplate on how you are going to design your excellence certificate. Pay close attention to the colors you use. Choose the most appropriate color scheme for the document. You can incorporate ribbons, borders, and other graphics that you think will make the document more appealing. If you want to save time designing, you can utilize our variety of easily editable excellence certificate templates above. Also, you may incorporate your company color and logo to give it your branding. 

3. Keep It Neat

There might be a lot of information and design elements you want to place on your excellence certificate. However, you do not want to make it appear cluttered and unprofessional. Be sparing with your information and design. Make sure to leave enough white spaces every word and use a neat format for the certificate. Make sure to review and recheck your certificate before printing. 

4. Print Certificate

Do select the size of your document and its orientation that you think is fitting for your certificate. When printing your document, opt using a high-quality paper stock since it can affect the overall quality of the certificate. You can use a plain paper if you want since high-quality paper tends to be expensive. However, the higher the quality of your stationery, the better the end product.