Excellence Certificates Publisher Templates

Recognize Deserving Employees at Work or Students at School Who Have Achieved Academic Excellence with Template.net’s Excellence Certificate Templates. Choose from Blank, Basic, or Creative Designs with Fully Editable and Customizable Layouts You Can Utilize to Add Your Company or School Logo into. Download and Print for Free in MS Publisher.See more

Rarely do you meet someone who surpasses your expectations and the company or institution’s standard to the point of near perfection. This kind of performance needs to be appropriately and promptly recognized not only to merit his or her contribution but also to set an excellent example for all others to give their best as well. What better reward there is than a lasting certificate? Our Excellence Certificate Template in Publisher is here for you. It’s laden with a complete layout and format with an impressive graphic design. It’s highly downloadable and editable to allow customizations in any device. Recognize outstanding efforts and download now!

How to Make an Excellence Certificate in Publisher

The Balance Careers points out that appreciated employees are happy employees, and happy employees result in a significant boost in a firm’s productivity. This is why positive feedback and a word of recognition are sparingly but constantly given in the workplace. It creates an atmosphere where leaders show their support through appreciation. If you want to merit your people’s best works, make an excellence certificate by following the tips below:

1. Decide on a Theme

Your certificate’s visual quality will largely depend on the occasion and on who the recipients will be. Set your theme appropriately. For example, if you’re giving an award certificate to a kindergarten class, you might want to set a theme that is captivating for a younger audience.

2. Design Minimally

Avoid going overboard with your graphic design. A simple certificate layout ideally has a few classic fonts, few color shades, and a vintage certificate border, which can be used vastly for any event and award type. You can also employ your company or institution’s branding elements such as the logo, font style, and the motif.

3. Have the Details Thoroughly Checked

Because it’s an appreciation certificate of someone’s exemplary work, you can’t afford to have an incorrect name written on your layout. Not only will this disappoint your recipient, but the revision will also add up to your production expenses. Avoid this dilemma by having every detail checked and approved meticulously before printing.

4. Use a High-Quality Paper Stock

Increase your award certificate’s value and overall visual appeal by using heavier stationery. A low-quality paper will only diminish its value, which could disappoint your recipients.

5. Take a Certificate Template

Skip all the hard work and have yourself a treat of a topnotch certificate template. This contains all the needed achievement certificate content with an addition of high resolution and professionally made graphic design. Simply fill the layout with your details, and you’ll be rewarded with impressive results without going through the hassle.


  • What are the parts of a certificate?

      When designing a certificate layout, take note of the following parts:

      1. Certificate title (e.g., Certificate of Recognition, Achievement Certificate, etc.)
      2. Recipient’s Name
      3. Name of the company or institution where the certificate came from
      4. Description
      5. Date when the certificate is made or given
      6. Signature

  • What is the size of a certificate?

      The letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) is the standard size of most certificates, although it can also be in 8.5 x 14 inches, 11 x 14 inches, and 11 x 17 inches.

  • What paper is best for certificates?

      Parchment paper is said to be the best paper stock when it comes to certificates as it gives off a classic and antique appearance.

  • What is the purpose of a certificate of recognition?

      A certificate of recognition is a document presented to a student, an employee, or any individual for his or her laudable efforts in a specific area or field.