In our modern age, social media is a powerful tool for online marketing, with Facebook as one of the most dominant platforms out there. If you’re promoting an upcoming event, consider using our Facebook Event Cover Templates to help you out. With our easily editable materials, you can advertise a birthday party, Christmas sale, job fair, and much more. Plus, our samples are 100% customizable in Adobe Photoshop to give you the most freedom in making an original cover design. Download now—promote your events using creative Facebook profile banners!

How to Make a Facebook Event Cover

When it comes to online advertising, social media is one of the most effective networks for doing so. Social media platforms allow you to easily prepare content and instantly share it with a broad audience (as a web article from The Balance explains). And one of the best sites for this is Facebook, as it has one of the largest userbases around.

To make the most of your Facebook profile page for event promotions, you should create an enticing header image. And no worries if you’re not familiar with making one, as we have a few tips (below) to guide you.

1. Give Your Facebook Event Cover a Suitable Size

Before creating content for your event cover, you need to be aware of Facebook’s file restrictions. Facebook covers are aligned in landscape orientation, with 820 x 312 pixels as the minimum requirement for the image resolution.

2. Incorporate Appropriate Imagery in Your Facebook Event Cover

To catch a user’s attention with your Facebook profile header, utilize professionally made pictures for your cover. Use photos, illustrations, or other types of images that accurately represent the advertised event. For instance, when promoting a Halloween sale, use pictures of skeletons, bats, pumpkins, and so on.

3. Include Graphic Designs in Your Facebook Event Cover

Make your event cover’s layout look more attractive by adding some eyecatching graphic renders. For the colors, make sure to opt for what complements your picture the most. If your promotion represents a business or organization, then incorporate their logo for brand recognition.

4. Be Mindful of Your Event Cover’s Font

Pay attention to your Facebook event cover’s typography, as it also plays a part in the design’s overall appeal. Like with your graphics, use colors that work well with the other visual elements.

Now you know the basics of creating attractive Facebook covers for promoting events! And to expedite your work, remember to download our easy-to-use Facebook Event Cover Templates!

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