Firing & Termination Google Docs Templates

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Are you in need of termination letters to professionally deal with an employee who failed to meet the company’s expectations? If so, check out the compilation of our firing & termination templates available in Google Docs. We have templates such as notice of intent to terminate employee warning letter, job performance warning letter, employee termination letter for job and more! These templates are easily editable and 100% customizable in the file format presented. These are also print-ready so you can print them with ease wherever you are. Just don’t forget to replace the highlighted parts with your own details to fit your preferences. Communicate better with these firing & termination templates you can download and edit using Google Docs format!

How to Write a Firing & Termination in Google Docs?

As an employer, it is your job to track and record the employment performance of your employees. If your employees tend to show downhill productivity and reasons that could harm the reputation of the company, you can send them firing and termination letter. Firing and termination letter is also known as employee termination letter is a legal document that would notify that the certain employee has been fired, steps to make after, termination process involved and compensations that they are due to receive. There are also instances wherein a termination letter from employee is issued to the employer. Whether you are an employee or employer, it has been proven that you need to meticulous in making one. To help you with that, we would like to help you get through it with these steps on how to write a firing & termination in Google Docs.

1. Personal Information of the Employee

First things first — include the basic personal information of the employee to be terminated. For a termination letter for employer, state the company's name, your name, and name of the manager responsible in handling the termination. If a termination letter for employee, include the name of the employee, company's name and your name as responsible for handling the employee's termination. Also, mention the essential company information such as employee's ID number, position, department, and supervisors. This would be used for future record use.

2. Include Important Timeline

Dates are pertinent to a termination. This would serve as evidence about why did you fire an employee and would act as a legit proof for a legal process. Include important dates like the day the letter was given and the date of effectivity of the termination.

3. Reason for Termination

There are various reasons that an employee will be terminated. Specify whatever reason for firing the employee, giving him a sense of satisfaction knowing why an employee is out of the job. Also, it would be an important factor for you not to issue a wrongful termination.

4. State the Information about Benefits and Compensation

Some employees can be entitled to unclaimed benefits and compensations. Include the steps as to how would the employee fulfill or attain certain benefits or compensation. Some benefit package is valuable and so for your employees not to feel cheated, make your instructions clear and concise. In this aspect, more is more. Include important pieces of information like whom to contact, the contact information of that person, when to contact and list of the compensation that can be attained. If the company would take the responsibility to process, write down the expected date that the benefits would be available. 

5. Review the Legal Agreements

Include the Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement into the termination letter. It must be completed and signed by the employee. Avoid trying to make them sign the NDA or NCA during the termination process. Instead, use this to remind employees about the biding contract. Provide copies of the agreements but you can pinout salient points from it so that employee can easily know what they need to do. 

6. Final Paycheck Details

Make it easier for your employee to obtain their final paycheck. If it would not be possible, include in the termination letter the date they will be paid, availability of the check and options to obtain the final check. Including this information would refrain misunderstanding and would be a smooth transaction between you and your employee.