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How to Write a Firing and Termination in Apple Pages?

Firing and termination can be in different forms such as termination letter, termination certification, termination of the contract, and such. The dismissal of an employee should undergo a termination process and the cause should be identified so that you will not be questioned. You cannot easily kickoff someone from their employment because that would be unprofessional and somehow illegal. Do note that both of you signed a contract of employment and that kind of document cannot be disregarded.

Here are some techniques and guidelines that will aid you in creating a firing and termination in Apple Pages.

1. Study it Out

You need to do the termination formally. Firing someone in an instant in a verbal manner can be somehow unprofessional because sometimes those words can be out of stress and frustration. Hence, take time to study and review that person's records, productivity, attendance, etc. Afterward, review the contract that binds you and that individual to see for what situations firing is allowed.

2. Seek for Advice

It is essential to ask for some advice from a lawyer or lawyers so that you will gain knowledge and learn about the requirements the state law requires for you to follow in terminating a particular employee. Ensure that the professionals that you are seeking for advice are competent and legit because there can be a fraud that will take advantage and deceive you.

3. Start Composing

Select a template to use and begin the work. Your firing and termination must include the following: company letterhead; precise explanation about the employment relationship changes; comprehensible reasons for the changes; lay down the employee's unsatisfactory performance; details on the last paycheck; returning of company property; a reminder of the nondisclosure agreement; offering a recommendation; enough space for the signature; and putting of attachments. There are a lot of component and points that need to be done, but all of them are significant and cannot be presented incompletely. Moreover, maintain professionalism and meticulousness in writing the said details.

4. Proofread

Make sure that you will proofread your document to make sure that you will achieve a perfect result. It will be informal and undesirable if you will hand out firing and termination that contains errors in typography, format, and more.

5. Save and Print

After proofreading, your document is now ready to be saved and printed. Since you are using a specific software application — Apple Pages, it is already understood that your document is in Apple Pages file format. Moreover, proceed to print your work. Assure that you have printed it neatly and orderly.

6. Send or Hand Out

Your document is done, now it is time to give it the one who deserves it. You may send it through e-mail, or personally hand it to that specific employee. At some point, you will feel uncomfortable but you have to do your duty as a manager or supervisor for the betterment and growth of your business.

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