When an employee fails to meet the company’s expectations, the possible termination of his contract may be imposed. A termination notice or letter should be properly executed if you don’t want to be involved in a legal entanglement. Planning to make a termination letter for your employee due to his/her misconduct and violation of the rules and regulations of the company? Deal with this situation in a legal and professional manner with the help of our ready-made Firing & Termination Templates that you can download and edit in Microsoft Word format. Better communicate your message with our available templates such as termination letter for excessive absenteeism, termination of certification, or a notice of termination. Easily editable, 100% customizable, and printable! Don’t waste any second of your time, download any one of these ready-made Firing & Termination Templates in Microsoft Word now!

How to a Make Firing & Termination Letter in Microsoft Word

When you breach a contract, your employer will send you a termination of employment or firing notice, and it could be emotionally traumatizing. Firing and Termination letters, also known as employee termination letters, are legal and important documents that state the reason/s why an employee is being fired. This further seeks to inform the employee of his/her employment dismissal. In federal states like Australia and the US, the law does not require employers to state their reasons for terminating an employee. However, there are states around the world that would require employers to provide valid reasons for dismissal upon request. In fact, Henrietta Newton Martin believed that “the services of any employee may be terminated, but based on an “established reasonable ground” and not just any nebulous raison d’être.” Thus, a termination letter should be accomplished correctly with the right tone and basis. With that, we’re helping you make one through these steps.

1. Download Your Firing and Termination Templates from Template.net

First thing first, you have to download the templates that best fit your reasons for terminating an employee. Template.net offers you several types of firing and termination letter or notice. You can have it all in A4, Letter, and Legal sizes. All are made fit and easy for you only. Luckily, the templates are professionally-written to meet your standards. You don’t have to think of the appropriate words to use, because it’s already there.

2. Open the Documents in Microsoft Word

The next easy step is to open Microsoft Word Office available on your computer. This is where you edit the templates that you have downloaded. Some information is given by the templates already, but you can always change that according to your purpose and liking. No need to worry, it’s all in your hands to create.

3. Provide Relevant Information

Relevant information includes the date, name of the company, name of the employee, and other crucial details that you should add. When editing, keep in mind all the information and what you section/part of the letter are you going to fill in those specifics.

4. Amend Some Mistakes and Verify

This step is probably easy, but this is crucial. Sometimes, there are details that we forgot to change and update. You have to skim your document for the last time, and make sure everything is updated. Correct the spelling, especially the names. It is of great importance that you address the letter to the right person, lest you’ll be firing the wrong one.

5 Save Before You Print Them

After editing the templates, make sure to save the document to avoid repeating the work. The quick way to save you work in Microsoft Word is to click “Ctrl” + “S”. Once you’re done, then you can now print the letter, sign, and give it to the employee that you wanted to terminate.

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