A total of 60.87 million fitness membership are there in fitness clubs in the United States as per Statista. This report means that Americans are fond of going to fitness centers, whether for meditation, yoga classes, etc. Engaging in a fitness program is not for a one-time purpose only and can last for a long time. Thus, completing such activities is an achievement for many. Hence, to appreciate such participants, fitness clubs should issue a token of appreciation. Below are sample Fitness Certificate Templates in InDesign that you can use for various uses. Download these customizable and printable sample templates now!

How to Make a Fitness Certificate in Adobe InDesign

Certificates are present to acknowledge someone's achievements, whether in their craft or their activities. That is why fitness club owners need to issue fitness certificates to their clients to complete a fitness activity. To help you create a professional-looking fitness certificate, follow the simple tips below.

1. Identify the Objective of the Certificate

Before you start making a fitness certificate, you have to identify and understand its objectives first. Fitness certificates can be issued to both a fitness instructor and a fitness participant. Hence, you need to know what you will make. Doing so enables you to prepare the necessary content required, as well as the designs.

2. Look for a Sample Certificate

Once you already know what type of fitness certificate you need to make, the next thing you need is to look for sample fitness certificates that fit your purpose online. Using a ready-made sample fitness certificate makes the process more convenient and easy. With that being said, you may choose any of the sample certificate templates provided above.

3. Personalize the Sample Template

Now that you already have a premade fitness certificate, it is time to personalize it and replace it with your brand. Start with incorporating your fitness club's logo, address, and contact information. Editing a premade document can be difficult. Hence, using a user-friendly application like Adobe InDesign is necessary—one of the most convenient editing tools.

4. Edit Out the Content

After incorporating the basic information into the fitness certificate, the next thing you need to do is to edit out the content. Begin with replacing the name of the recipient, date, and the information about the award. You can also use the other statement written in the basic certificate if you want as long as it still falls under your objectives.

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