Improving one’s health must always be a priority. Whether for work or personal purposes, keeping yourself physically fit and active is always a good recommendation. While physical fitness is typical to some, some people lack the motivation to do it daily. One way to help people get inspired and committed is by rewarding them. Through our ready-made Fitness Certificate Templates in Pages, you no longer have to waste time creating from scratch. Either you are looking for a fit to job certificate or fitness award, our templates are 100% customizable to suit your needs. So, download it now! 

How To Make a Fitness Certificate in Pages

Fitness training has now been part of most people’s daily routine. According to the report released by, there are over 9 million gym-goers. This could either be for medical certification or general fitness. As the fitness industry continues to jump into a new leap, recognizing the importance of encouraging and motivating clients is apparent. Perhaps, certification guarantees more than what you think it is. It is imperative to overall health. To keep your clients going, award them with a fitness certificate they can keep. By helping you in designing it, we listed down the steps below that you can follow.

1. Collect the Details

To start with the most basic, you have to keep an eye on the big to small details. The content must be free of error. That is a standard rule of creating sample certificates. Therefore, you have to begin by gathering essential information. This must include the overall content, including the title, names, and description. With this, you can put together the exact details that you should add for the next step.

2. Fill Out the Content

Next, begin filling out the document with your content. For award certificates, start from the top with the certificate title, followed by the presentation line, recipient’s name, award description, date, and signature. Aside from accurately writing the details down without mistake, always observe proper text size and typefaces. It must always be clear and easy to read. Incorporating clarity into your certificate always adds formality to it.

3. Use Appropriate Designs

Aside from the text, the design elements should be visible in your achievement certificate as well. You can add patterns, shapes, logos, and colors, but never too much. Instead, keep the design consistent and simple. A creative yet clean-looking document is essential to stick with its purpose.

4. Review and Adjust

Always go back and forth of your document twice or thrice, the better. This is one way to make sure that your content is error-free and accurate. Make the necessary adjustments before printing the award or appreciation certificate.

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