The rise of social media as a platform for marketing campaigns that allow businesses, both big and small, to establish their footing in the industry more effectively. Social media can spread the word about a business in a day or week. However, traditional means of promoting a business through brochures are not irrelevant yet as they can still effective and they have their own advantages. If you're a proud owner of a flower shop or a funeral service business, our editable Floral Brochure Templates will definitely work to your advantage. These ready-made brochures each have their own floral pattern design. You only need to personalize them with the profile and features of your business. Quick and easy. Open and edit your chosen template with your favorite editor. Start marketing your business by downloading these brochure templates now!     

How to Create a Floral Brochure?

A floral brochure is a more specific type of brochure that contains a floral background, design, and pattern. This kind of brochure typically promotes flower shops and funeral service businesses. Moreover, a floral brochure is somewhat of cousin to both an advertising flyer and event due to them having similar functions.

According to an article from, brochures are highly versatile promotional tools in informing the market about new products and services. The article also stated that brochures are among the best promotional tools for small businesses such as your flower shop or funeral service business. That said, you should opt to use brochures with an attractive design in promoting your business's services. Our guide below will help you in creating an elegant brochure with floral patterns.

1. Introduce Your Business

If your business is new and hasn't had its grand opening yet, then it's essential that you introduce it in your creative brochure. What you must do is talk about its mission, vision, and the inspiration why you started it in the first place. When writing them on the brochure, make sure to engage your target market in a personal manner.

2. Enumerate Your Offers

Your products and services will be the driving force that convinces the market to consider availing of your business. For that reason, you must enumerate them with what it is you are offering via your business brochure. Include information on features, pricing, benefits, and inclusions. If your business has been running in the industry for quite some time, you may also include posting positive client reviews regarding your products and services.

3. Make Use of Photographs

Advertising brochures, such as the one you're about to create, must always feature photographs of the products and services they're representing. So do the same with your brochure. Your target market will most definitely want to see a visual representation of them. Make sure to use photographs that are of high quality in order to convince your target market that your products and services are indeed worth the money.

4. Establish a Floral Theme

A brochure without a theme will most certainly look dull and unmarketable. The same principle applies to poster ads, banner ads, and flyer ads. If that's the case for when you publish your brochure, then you're basically wasting your money on them. So make sure to establish a floral theme with it to match the nature of your business. You can add flower designs to the border and background. For this matter, our Floral Brochure Templates might help.

5. Set Bright Color Schemes

Whether your brochure is a bi-fold brochure or tri-fold brochure, its color scheme plays a vital role in optimizing its aesthetic quality. The color scheme makes your brochure more eye-catching and captivating. Since your brochure has a floral theme, bright color schemes such as white, pink, and light purple would be the best choice.

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