Flowers add colors to the world, and they also add colors to simple illustrations and images. Whether contemporary or vintage, floral designs still work. You can actually communicate with your audience better if you add floral elements to your marketing materials, brochures included. If you need to make this kind of brochure, you might want to use any of our Floral Brochure Templates in Illustrator. These ready-made templates are user-friendly, simply download one of them and then add the content as you would with any kind of brochure. Let your marketing tools blossom with colors, choose from among our selection of templates now!

How to Make a Floral Brochure in Illustrator

Flowers are gifts from nature, and they are great design elements, too. According to research, there are around 400,000 types of flowering plants around the world. So, if you like to incorporate them into your brochure design, feel free to do so. But if you need help with making floral brochures in Adobe Illustrator, here are some tips that we can give you.

1. Choose a Color Palette

To begin, you have to decide on a color palette. Remember, colors can affect the mood or atmosphere of your simple brochure. Choose colors that blend and complement well with each other so that your brochure will look beautiful.

2. Add Relevant Information

Put relevant information depending on the kind of brochure that you're making. If you're advertising something, be sure to add details about it. For example, an educational brochure should contain details about the school, staff, and facilities.

3. Use Multiple but Readable Fonts

Don't just settle with one typography on your modern brochures, you can pick more as long as you don't go beyond three. This is to make your brochure more artistic and engaging. Also, be sure to choose fonts that are readable and presentable.

4. Add Floral Graphics

Highlight the beauty of your advertising brochure by adding floral-inspired design elements into it. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of types of flowers in the world, use whatever suits you or fits the theme of the event.

5. Add White Space

To keep your business brochure's neatness and readability, you need to add white space. White space helps put emphasis on every element and also makes the brochure's layout easier on the eyes.

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