The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked pastries is lingering in the air. The heavenly images of cakes and cherries, red velvets, and chocolates are indulging and captivating. Who does not want to give rein to their emotions to experience such a sweet haven? If your business happens to be a bakeshop, how can you earn the delight of your customers with your pastries? Well, here's an answer: advertisement. And how will you advertise your bakeshop? Good news—our bakery flyer templates are here to help you! Every template is editable, printable, 100% customizable, and can be downloaded with any version of Apple Pages. So why look further when you can start advertising right now with our bakery flyer templates? Hurry and get them now!   

How to Make Bakery Flyers in Apple Pages

Flyers are strong contenders when it comes to marketing because of their design and content. When doing business promotions, it is better to include flyers in your campaign. Whether you are opening your confectionery shop for the first time or advertising your decade-old cake bakery, a flyer will add the sweetest allure to your customers. To make an effective bakery flyer, you will need reliable content, compelling images, specialty menu, and these guidelines to help you begin your flyer:

1. Build Up Your Brand

First and foremost, focus on how to introduce your bakery to your readers. If you are an owner of a newly constructed pastry shop, tell a story of how the shop came to be. You can narrate briefly about your inspirations and the people behind it. In case if you have already established the shop from a long time ago, you can do a recount of where and when you started the business. Others begin their food business by baking homemade cupcakes where sales are dependent on word-of-mouth promotions. You can also write that down along with other vital facts like the name of the owner, main address and branch locations, and contact numbers. Again, make it short and to the point.

2. Whip Up That Menu

Next on your to-do list should be your bakery menu. This is where you will introduce your specialties: donuts, cakes, bread, pastries, macarons, truffles, dessert cupcakes, and many more. Your menu should contain a bit of description of every product to aid customers in purchasing. Compile your list and group them so that your clients will quickly see their favorites when they read through your menu. To add pretty quirks for your menu, and add anticipation for the readers, make up names for your food. It doesn't have to be French or American names; you can use cute and creative names. If your bakeshop is leaning toward luxury, then, by all means, use elegant nicknames for your sweets. When you decide the price range for every product, consider the cost of materials and labors, but still be reasonable. It is advisable to look around some bakeries in town to compare prices.

3. Choose Cream-of-the-crop Images

Before starting your designs, you should find the best-looking photos of your food in your portfolio. If the images you had before are not satisfactory for your taste, consider hiring a photographer to take shots for your products. Your flyer's front cover should be images of the best-selling items. Visually compelling and mouth-watering photos of foods will attract the customers to try out your food, whether it's the first-time food enthusiast or the old-time patron.

4. Find a Flyer Maker Online

After gathering the essentials for your flyers, it is time for you to search the Internet for a trusted flyer maker software. With several editing apps online, you will surely find one that works for you. However, if you still have not found anything, you can try using Apple Pages in Mac. It is also available in any iOS devices, so if you own any of them, you can begin designing your flyer.

5. Design and Print

When you begin your design, always consider several things. Make sure that your layout is well-plotted, your contents should be immaculately arranged, and your images in the exact place. Play with colors and fonts. Double-check if you've never overlooked anything. Print using high-quality materials.

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