What is a DJ Flyer?

A DJ or a disc jockey plays music on a live audience like on an electro house party, a wedding, or a night club. Moreover, a DJ flyer is a handbill given out to people to join a music party. This event can have a DJ battle or a DJ promotion. Events like these can happen anytime like on a Friday night, a Saturday night, in summer, on Halloween, or Christmas.

How to Make DJ Flyers?

A study says that music triggers the release of dopamine in our brain, which causes pleasure. Who does not love the joy of music? If you ever have a music event, where a DJ will perform, and you want to make it known, use flyers. Just like posters and brochures, flyers are easy to produce and are easy to hand out. To help you, here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Make Use of a Template and Decide for Your DJ Flyer Look

Templates are convenient because you can customize the layout. To make your job easier, look for DJ flyer templates online, and choose the best that works for you. Flyers should excite your audience. One way to do it is to use creative, stylish, and cool designs on your flyers. How do you start? Make use of themes and decorations that are associated with your event. Since your event is all about music and partying, make use of this idea to your designs. Another thing, use colors that are very attractive and are inviting. Most of the colors that music party flyers use are neon colors.

2. DJ Flyer Contents

Since your sample flyers are about informing your audience to come, you need to provide the contents correctly. Provide the title of your event. Use a font that will not outshine your title by your designs. Choose a font that commands attention. Another thing, add the date and the time of the event. To make your location known, include the name and the address of the event. If ever the event will be on a club, mostly, minors cannot come. So it is your job to inform the age that is allowed to attend.

3. Other Details of Your Event

Moreover, include other details about your event. Things like the name of the DJ or the name of the DJ special guest (if you have any). Further, if you any social media account for your event or a website, include it on your flyers. This way, people can reach and contact you. Also, if you have any tickets to sell, add it to your flyers. Enter how people can make a booking for the tickets.

4. Review and Print Your Flyers

When done, check your work for errors. Check the designs, the contents, and the information on your flyers. Giving out flyers that have a lot of errors will create a negative response from the audience. Make sure that everything is laid out perfectly and correctly. After checking, then you can print your simple flyers and distribute them.

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