Flyers have been used for years as an effective marketing tool to promote special events such as festivals, summer concerts, and other occasions. If you have an upcoming nightclub event, music festival and the like, these free ready-made photoshop DJ flyer templates in Photoshop are best suited to establish excitement by featuring professional and talented disc jockeys. The templates you can find here include a Free Thanksgiving Flyer Template, Free New Year Dj Flyer, Free DJ Event Flyer, and a variety of DJ advertising flyer templates you can choose from. They all contain attractive colors, images, fonts, and content that are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable for your convenience. Save yourself from all the hassle and stress, get your hands on any of these amazing ready-made flyer templates in PSD for free.

What Is a DJ Flyer?

Like most flyers, a DJ flyer is a specific form of advertisement paper used to promote special events like parties, club and radio events, festivals, or summer concerts. It’s an effective marketing material which oftentimes, is utilized to inform people of the schedule, venue, and other important details.

What distinguishes flyers from modern posters is that the latter are larger in size than the former, although they both serve a very similar purpose. Also, both flyers and posters are made sure that they're professionally-designed and well-written to be able to attract its target market.

How to Make a DJ Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

If you plan to create your own elegant flyers for an upcoming party or event, simply follow these easy steps on how to make an event flyer using our ready-made templates in PSD.

1. Pick an Appropriate Flyer Template has a wide selection of premium and free multipurpose flyer templates, both of which are highly editable. Of course, that includes an exclusive collection of DJ flyer templates that you can freely download, edit, and use for whatever event that you're planning to put up that involves a disc jockey. Make use of your time to skim and pick any or all the flyer templates.

2. Download Your Chosen Template and Customize

After choosing a sample flyer, start downloading them and save the file to your computer. Once that's done, open the downloaded file in Adobe Photoshop to start customizing the design, the version of Photoshop won't matter. As you can see, each template comes with pre-formatted content and images already, you may want to keep the original content if you want or you can change with details that are more relevant.

3. Add Important Details and High-Quality Photos

Important details that should be written in a modern flyer include the event name, location, date and time, and the organizing entities. If the event is organized to raise funds for charity, the purpose of the event should also be indicated in the flyer. Try to be specific with your information to properly guide your guests. And in terms of adding attractive and high-quality photos, use them sparingly since event flyers rely more on words to effectively convey information about a particular event. You may also want to use contrasting elements such as colors just to make the design aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

4. Review Your Output and Make Necessary Changes

After incorporating the details and images, you may want to review your advertising flyer's content and design by yourself or by someone else. If mistakes are noticed, don't hesitate to make the necessary changes to either design or content before proceeding to print or share your work online.

5. Print to Distribute or Upload Online for Sharing

After a series of editing and customizing, you can finally print copies of the flyer according to the quantity needed. Besides simply producing tangible copies of your printable flyer, you can also upload it online either on your Facebook or Twitter account for easy sharing. If you’re all set, then you’re now ready to promote your weekend night event.

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