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How To Make Elegant Flyers In Publisher

Flyers can come in handy, especially when you want to promote an event, business, or services. If you're going to promote a classy event, high-end property, or anything professional, you can opt to use an elegant flyer. According to American fashion designer, Zac Posen, " Elegance is timeless." Incorporating an elegant design on the flyer does not get in the way with the information. So, if you want to learn how to get create an elegant flyer, then keep on reading because we will be teaching you how to create one as easy as counting 1-2-3.

1. Choose the Perfect Tool

Before anything else, you need to pick the perfect design software for you. The best design software for making a flyer is Microsoft Publisher. This software focuses on the page layout and design of a professional document such as newsletters, posters, magazines, and the one you're going to make a flyer. The templates you can see above are compatible and editable in Microsoft Publisher. At, most of our templates are compatible with Publisher. In case you want to download a template, you won't have to worry about looking for the perfect design software that can aid you in making a striking flyer.

2. Write the Headline

A headline is one line or phrase that you usually read first. A headline or catchphrase needs to be brief, big, bold, and simple. Make it brief; a headline needs to be brief so that there is a higher chance of capturing the attention of prospective clients. Make it big and bold; the lettering of your headline should be visible from a distance. Make it simple, a headline is somewhat the message; therefore, keep it simple, catchy, and understandable. To illustrate, you are making a headline for a fashion show flyer, it can be "Endless Possibilities." or if you're making a headline for a luxury real estate flyer, you can use "Live Life Luxuriously."

3. Add the Details

Typically, the details usually answer the five W's. The five W's are utilized since they can answer all the questions the reader of the flyer would want to know. However, the details do not necessarily stick only on the five W's, but you can also add testimonials. A custom flyer has limited space for you to write the information. So, pick the details which you think can help entice the readers. Always be direct and on-point.

4. Incorporate Images

A picture can often speak more than any words. Incorporating a picture can be beneficial since it can make the readers take notice of your elegant flyer. Do not forget that the photo you're going to use needs to be relevant and matches the flyer you're making. Apply one to two images only because three or more photos can make the printable flyer look too cluttered and an eyesore.

5. Produce and Distribute Copies

Start producing your promotional flyer in strong paper and waterproof ink once you're done. Afterward, decide where and how are you going to distribute your flyer. Are you going to hand it out on the streets? Are you going to insert them in newspapers and magazines? Or are you going to distribute it door-to-door? The decision is yours to make. You can use one of the distribution techniques or go for all the distribution techniques.

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