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What Is a Holiday Flyer?

Flyers, also known as leaflets or pamphlets, are a marketing tool used by businesses and organizations to inform their customers about new products or services, promos, or upcoming events. A holiday flyer, while having a similar purpose to generic ones, is more specific in terms of when and why they're used. This type of flyer is typically distributed during the holiday season, although people also use it for promoting holiday-related events.

How to Make a Holiday Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

A lot of businesses and organizations embrace this type of marketing material because it's very easy to make and it costs them less. Whether you're planning to sell something or put together an event during the holidays, we've made a list of five DON'Ts to keep your holiday flyers relevant and effective.

1. Lengthy Headline

A flyer with an unnecessarily lengthy headline would definitely bore your readers. A headline should be brief and concise, but at the same time, catchy and enticing. In a Christmas flyer, for example, you can use a question, a short bible verse, or a Christmas quote as the header, it has to be relevant to remind readers that your marketing tool is indeed about the Christmas season. 

2. Poor Grammar and Spelling

People make mistakes, but what matters is how we deal with it. When making business or event flyers for the holiday, it is a must that you proofread the content after adding it. Although word processors already have a built-in grammar and spelling checker, it is often flawed which leaves us having to proofread it ourselves just to be sure. Prove to your readers that your flyers are indeed worth their time and attention by making sure that your content is free from errors.

3. Extensive Information

With the information that you are conveying through your promotional flyers, shun yourself from giving away too much. Not only will this risk cluttering the layout but tends to discourage readers from making inquiries. Simply provide the top-priority details such as the schedule, list of benefits, contact information, and a call to action. Just like your headline, keep the sentences short and direct, this will keep your readers from being overwhelmed. 

4. Poor Quality Photos

When designing creative flyers, make sure that the photos used aren't low-quality, pixelated, or watermarked. Regardless of how compelling the content is, images with poor quality can make your flyers look cheap and unprofessional. And since people associate the business with their marketing tools, cheap-looking flyers can affect the reputation of the establishment.

5. Excessive Use of Colors

The excessive use of colors is also something that you need to avoid when making your flyers. The addition of colors may enhance the design, but using too much or too many can make your flyers look distracting and disorganized. Another tip when it comes to using colors is considering the psychology of colors, this will help you in choosing which ones to use to help in influencing your readers.