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What Is a Marketing Flyer?

A marketing flyer is a tool that is used by businesses during their marketing campaigns. These flyers can be used when advertising real estate properties, medical supplies, and anything that can be purchased by consumers.

How to Make a Marketing Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is an entry-level publishing tool for creating printed publications such as cards, certificate, and flyers. To learn how to make marketing flyers with it, feel free to refer to our step-by-step guide below.

1. Know more about marketing flyers

Besides knowing what they're for, what other details do you know about marketing flyers? Before you can start creating marketing flyers for the promotion of your business, products, and services, you should at least know its basics. These include the different flyer sizes, types, and the different elements that readers should find in an effective marketing flyer. To sum this up, educate yourself thoroughly about marketing flyers before proceeding to create one.

2. Identify your target market

Since you're making marketing or promotional flyers, it is a must that you identify the people who are being targeted by your advertising campaigns. These people are collectively referred to as the target market and they can either be a specific age group, gender, or even ethnicity. Every marketing campaign has to have a target market and you should identify them first to tailor your flyers according to their preferences and needs.

3. Outline the details to be included in your flyer

Generally, flyers consist of various elements that are intended to provide prospects with details regarding the products or services. These details include but are not limited to product descriptions, the benefits that can be gained from availing of such products and services, and the business' contact details. After gathering all the details you need, be sure to outline them while observing the proper hierarchy to emphasize the most important ones.

4. Gather images for importing to the layout

Aside from the compelling content, an innovative and creative layout is important since it helps in grabbing the attention of prospects. Gather photos or images that are relevant to your message and keep them handy, and be sure to choose high-quality ones. If you're downloading stock images on the internet, always go for those without any watermark which you can find in websites such as FreePik.

5. Set up Microsoft Publisher

Double-click the Microsoft Publisher icon to open it and on the menu bar, click New to create a new document. From there, set the layout of your marketing flyer by clicking Page Design on the menu bar and changing the page size, orientation, etc. Afterward, you can start adding the content as well as the images that you've gathered earlier, be sure to arrange them properly and logically to keep your flyer's layout from looking unprofessional.

6. Proofread and print your marketing flyers

After adding your content, be sure to proofread it for errors to ensure that your modern flyers are indeed worth the time. And while you're at it, take time to evaluate the design of your marketing flyers to determine if none of the elements are overlapping with each other. And finally, you can start printing copies of your marketing flyers and prepare them for distribution to the target market.

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