How to Make a Modern Flyer in Adobe Illustrator?

In this digital age, people may think that flyers now belong to the past. However, along with digital or online marketing, companies still use flyers to communicate to the target market the products and services their business provides. A flyer is a type of print advertisement handed out to people in a public place or sent through the mail. It varies in size, layout, and format—depending on a company’s purpose and specifications. If you need help in creating a modern advertisement flyer, provided below are six simple ways you can follow.

1. Open Adobe Illustrator

Just like any other editing program developed by Adobe, Illustrator features multiple tools that allow users to come up with a creative design for both print and digital media. This application will be beneficial to you regardless of the type of advertising you are creating, be it corporate advertising, event advertising, brand advertising, or product advertising.

To create a new file in Adobe Illustrator, click File > New. Then, a pop-up box will appear for you to input the file name, size, and orientation of the flyer. The typical sizes for a flyer are as follows: A5, US paper, A6, and half sheet. After setting the dimensions of your flyer, start selecting fonts and colors you are going to use. The right choice of fonts and colors is the key to achieving the best design style you want, whether minimalist/simple, elegant, abstract, or modern style.

2. Attach Images and Other Design Elements

Aside from the added aesthetic, photos in promotional materials let potential customers know what’s in store for them. If you are creating a real estate flyer for a company, you may attach a photo of the properties you offer (e.g., contemporary home, apartment, condominium). Also, make sure to include your company’s logo and place it where it is most prominent to increase brand awareness. However, your background should not be popping with lots of colors to maintain the professional look of your flyer.

3. Highlight the Most Important Message

Determine the most important message you would like to communicate to the target market and make sure to put it on the headline. You may announce exciting news like a grand opening or a three-day sale. Headlines are meant to catch the attention of the customers, so you have to see to it that your flyer’s headline will spark interest among the target market.

4. Add a Call to Action

Increase sales and motivate your audience to do business with you by adding a call to action on your flyer. An effective call to action statement uses a strong command verb; thus, provoking an immediate response from the consumers.

5. Print and Distribute

After making sure that you have input all the necessary details in your flyer, proofread the content. Then, print the file on a high-quality paper to display credibility and professionalism. Lastly, distribute the material in strategic locations. Aside from flyers, you may also make use of brochures, posters, or banner as part of your marketing campaign. See our templates for design inspirations.

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