How to Make a Modern Flyer in InDesign

When we speak of flyers, we think of a Stamp Act in 1765 where some colonists were gathered in anti-stamp act meetings. This happened prior to the American Revolutionary War - the colonists outraged to win support and in doing so, they distributed leaflets or pamphlets together with their paraphernalia. Indeed, it was a long history to remember before flyers have become an efficient and effective promotional tool used by most business industries today.

Like any other type of marketing flyers, modern flyers carry the same weight and purpose. Aside from being an effective advertising material, flyers are also cheap to produce making it good for wide distribution.

A step-by-step procedure on how to make a flyer in Adobe Indesign can be learned easily. However, you probably need to have a few tips as you utilize our ready-made free modern flyer templates. You can check ‘em below to start-up:

1. Think of a Good Headline

A flyer should start with an eye-catching and striking one-sentence lead. This will serve as an introduction to the overall content of your flyer. In most business flyers, a good headline gains much attention. It catches the customer’s interest as it feeds their curiosity as well.

2. Choose a Flyer Template offers you a wide selection of cool flyer templates that you can use for whatever promotional occasion, advertising event, or political campaigns. From these templates come the best modern flyer design and layout that you fully customize or use them to the advantage of your company.

When choosing a flyer template, make sure that it represents your business or company best. From pro to editable corporate flyer templates, we offer 100% satisfaction.

3. Consider the Target Audience

Oftentimes, a modern marketing flyer is made out from the customer’s perspective. Consider what they need and what they want to get from your business. Besides, what you are promoting or advertising are intended for them. Give them the best of what your company can offer according to their demands.

4. Keep the Content Simple Yet Informative

The content of your business flyer may differ on purpose. It could be a flyer promoting a food restaurant, or a flyer inviting a friend to attend an event. Whatsoever purposes the flyer may serve, the content should be brief and concise in general. Keeping it short is what constitutes a good simple flyer content so long as it remains informative.

5. Add Benefits

In some business flyers, adding promotional code or vouchers can get more than twice of your customers. Product sales and business deals sell more if the public gets a discount or a gift. It’s one way to making your flyers effective.

6. Don’t Forget the Basic Information

Basic information includes the company or business name, the location, the phone numbers, and the type of product you are promoting. Make sure to incorporate these details to your promotional flyers completely.

Aside from that, keep it realistic and avoid misleading statements. You can build trust and promote your brand professionally if you are providing them legitimate information.

7. Choose Readable Fonts

Choosing the right fonts makes it a lot effective. Be it a brochure, a voucher, or even a catalog itself, use fonts that are readable and eye-friendly especially to the aged people. People sometimes put a paper into the trash bin if they find it hard to read.

8. Incorporate Graphics

Embedding high-quality graphics like photographs and artworks can help a flyer attract readers. Add one or two to make a creative flyer.

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