How to Create a Service Flyer in Photoshop?

Established businesses don’t just boom in a blink of an eye. Business owners and their colleagues undergo a long process of deliberating and planning about the best moves to be a step ahead of their competitors. Because of the tight competition in the market, various promotional materials are must-haves regardless of the industry your company belongs to. Without effective promotion, a product or service won’t become known to the general public. Even with the advent of technology, printed promotional tools still bear a great significance in the business industry. In fact, a study conducted by FedEx revealed that nine out of ten consumers prefer to read print materials than digital ones.

One of the best forms of advertising is a business flyer. Because of its cost-efficiency, it became a widely used promotional tool used by marketers. If you are looking for ways to increase sales, then start creating a flyer by following the steps listed below.

1. Launch Photoshop

There are several programs you can utilize to help you come up with a creative flyer design, one of which is Adobe Photoshop. This editing program features multiple tools which will enable you to edit photos, create vector artworks, and manipulate images. If you have a little background knowledge in graphic design, it is best to use this editing software. To start, launch the program and click File > New > Blank File. Then, set the size of your document. Typically, a flyer’s size is 8.5 inches x 11 inches—this size is widely used in the United States.

2. Choose Fonts and Colors

Before you insert photos and type the details, select the right fonts and colors you will use in your design. In choosing the fonts, shy away from decorative typefaces to maintain legibility. Also, limit your font choices to three: one for the headline, one for the sub-headings, and one for the details. For the colors, choose the ones that will best communicate your brand values. If your services company already has a signature color, then stick to it.

3. Write a Catchy Headline

Be it a newspaper, brochure, or a flyer, the headline is the first thing people will see. Compelling headlines catch the attention of the potential customers; thus, making them read the printed material from cover to cover. A headline may be an announcement (e.g., free stuff, promo, discount, event), a little-known fact, or a piece of advice. If your restaurant offers a free food delivery service for the first time, then emphasize it.

4. Include Photography

Photographs make your design look more visually attractive. Flyers filled with blocks of text are most likely ignored by people, that is why you need to attach photos on your design. Images also help you highlight the services you offer, be it car services, photography services, plumbing services, etc. If you are a real estate broker, then make sure to attach photos of the properties you offer (e.g., house, building, apartment).

5. Type Details

After attaching photos in your design, start typing necessary details. In this step, discuss your cleaning, lawn care, computer repair, air conditioning, or catering services. Also, state what benefits your customers will get if they will avail of your service. Most importantly, include a call to action to provoke an immediate response from your target market.

6. Print and Distribute

Review the content of the flyer and finalize its design. Then, save your file in both image (.jpeg) and Photoshop (.psd) file format. After which, find a good printer and print your document on a high-quality paper. Lastly, distribute the flyers in urban areas.

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