Even with the popularity of online marketing, you can’t deny the fact that traditional marketing tools such as flyers can still create a big impact on your target audiences. Unlike online marketing, a simple flyer can be handy and easy to carry without thinking if you have an internet connection. The better way to start creating a flyer is by taking a look and utilizing any of our 100% customizable and beautifully designed Vintage Flyer Templates in all versions of Microsoft Publisher. You can find a variety of easily editable templates such as Hotel Promotional Flyer, Free Vintage Merry Christmas Flyer, Free Vintage Newspaper Flyer, and many more! Don’t hesitate to download our content-ready and preformatted free Ready-Made Vintage Flyer Templates in Microsoft Publisher now!

How to Create a Vintage Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

Like any other flyer, a vintage flyer is used to advertise an event, to promote goods or services, to persuade a piece of information, and to recruit new members. What makes the vintage flyers differ from the rest of the flyer is that it clearly upholds an old-fashioned beauty that somehow stands out in today's modern society. Having a vintage flyer makes it easy for you to spread your information since flyers are made for wide distribution and can be posted in public areas.

Flyers are easy to produce and inexpensive. If you are intending to have a vintage-looking party flyer for your event, you don't have to worry about having a professional graphic designer. You can grab your computer, open your Microsoft Publisher application, and you are ready to start. We provided you with the following steps for you to be guided on how to create a vintage flyer.

1. Consider the Theme

Since you are planning to create a vintage flyer, you have to be specific with it. If you are organizing a vintage-themed event, you have to consider if it is simply a retro style, 50's party, 80's style, etc. Take for example if you are aiming to have an old school flyer or a 90's flyer, you have to make sure that the theme is essential for the actual event.

2. Elaborate on the Things That You Want to Present

Since you are determined to have a vintage event, it is relevant to elaborate on the things that you need to present. Present the essential things that would classify under the vintage theme such as vintage cars, unique clothes, antique collections, wine collections, and more. Other than that, you can also provide some promotional information that would entice the audiences to read your flyer such as the name of the event, venue, time, and attire if necessary.

3. Select One of the Free Vintage Flyer Templates

Choosing an editable flyer template would help you save a lot of your time. You can look through the internet for some vintage flyer sample templates and select one that best suits your event. The templates vary in different design types, backgrounds, graphic images, and other special features. Choose the one the qualifies your preferences.

4. Customize the Template According to Your Style

Whether you choose a vintage flyer template or you decided to start from a blank canvass, you have to customize your event flyer according to your own style. Embed the following graphic design elements like font styles, backgrounds, images, and other layout designs by using Microsoft Publisher. Make sure to use styles that diverge into vintage style and give people an old school vibe.

5. Print the Flyers and Spread the News to the Public

Once you are done with your flyer, the last thing to do is to have your printable flyer printed so you can spread the news to the public. Aside from having your flyer printed, you can also have a digital copy for you to post on social networking sites, websites, or email for the people who are digitally active.

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