Restaurants are also evolving as time goes by. It's not only limited to changing menus and locations. Restaurants are also expanding their operations online by using food apps. Owners also promote these apps using Instagram Story. If you are in the same business, make use of our Food App Promotion Instagram Story Templates now! Each template in this collection is 100% editable and customizable. You won't have to spend a long time making a template from scratch. You can easily change the colors of this template as well. Get more orders by downloading our templates now!

What Is a Food App Promotion Instagram Story?

A food app promotion Instagram story is a template that promotes a food app with a photo or a video. It's usually about discounts or inviting people to try the restaurant offers.

How to Create a Food App Promotion Instagram Story

Food orders are becoming more convenient in the digital age. According to The Spoon, food delivery app users in America are expected to increase to 44 million in 2020. With that number, restaurants are taking their food app promotions a notch higher by using Instagram Story. This useful Instagram feature has made more businesses reach out to a larger audience on social media.

These are our helpful tips in creating a food app promotion Instagram Story.

1. Get Info

Before making the Instagram Story template, make sure you have all the details of what you plan to post. It can be a promo, discount, or a new dish. You can also brainstorm for story ideas that might help in boosting the food app.

2. Select Photos

Since it's a food app, make sure you have the best food photos. Edit these images without sacrificing its overall aesthetic using mobile applications, VSCO and Snapseed. You can use Photoshop as well when you edit the photos.

3. Write Content

A good Instagram story is not complete without words. Write a catchy tagline that will surely capture the attention of the audience and prompt an action. Include other details of the template such as the contact number and website.

4. Create Layout

Make the layout of your post for the Instagram Story using Adobe Illustrator or other photo-editing applications. Include the necessary graphic elements that you need to put in your template. Use colors that align with the brand of your company.

5. Double-Check

Go through your document to see if you missed anything. You can transfer the photo on your phone and post it on Instagram Story if there's nothing to add. Use your Instagram business account to run these ads.

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