What Is a Food Gift Voucher?

A food gift voucher is a piece of paper given to a specific store to redeem a food offered with a special condition that's indicated in the coupon. It can be used in any business in the food industry, such as restaurants and fast food chains. They can be a discount, giveaway or a free product for every particular item purchased.

How to Make a Food Gift Voucher

People love to taste the tempting offers of a special promo using a voucher. As long as they can afford, they will grab the opportunity to buy food. The United States Department of Agriculture states that American consumers, businesses, and government entities spent around $1.71 trillion on food and beverages in 2018. With food vouchers, people can save less while eating the delicious food of their choice.

Read our guide below for tips in making a food gift vouchers.

1. Think of a Tempting Offer

Food gift vouchers have one thing in common—promos. Think of an offer that will surely tempt the customers. It can be a discounted meal, buy one take one, or an entirely free meal. Make sure to offer a meal that will surely satisfy your customers. A signature bestseller meal would do, or an entirely new one would be a good offer.

2. Choose a Well-Designed Template

Choose an editable template if you already know what promo to use. To help you with that, our site offers various professionally made templates that you can choose from. Get a template that suits the cuisine that you offer in your restaurant.

3. Add Some Sizzling Hot Designs

Edit and personalize the printable template that you've downloaded in the application it's compatible with. Add some hot and creative designs that are much effective and related to your chosen theme, such as food clipart. Change the tone and shade of the colors according to your preferences to grab people's attention. Add a catchy headline or highlight the promote your business more effectively.

4. Distribute the Vouchers

Check the design for errors, such as the wrong amount indicated in the voucher. Distribute the vouchers to your customers and wait for customers to avail of the promo. When they do, serve the meals hot and fresh.

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