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How to Make a Food Gift Voucher in Illustrator

Gift vouchers are great for food promotion. Even grocery stores are handing out gift vouchers to increase their sales. According to Chron, offering discounts to customers increases your chances of retaining them.

If you are interested in making one for your business, then feel free to read this article below:

1. Decide on Your Gift Voucher's Promo

Promote your newly opened Chinese restaurant, your freshly added meal in your fast-food chain, or even your cooking lessons using a food gift voucher to attract your customers. Think of a good promo or discount you wish to offer to your customers and indicate it in your gift voucher.

2. Input Essential Details on Your Gift Voucher

Make sure to point out what item is valid for exchange or the amount of money the owner of the voucher is entitled to. Don't forget to include crucial information such as the expiration date, the name of the business, viable stores, the terms and conditions, etc.

3. Add Attractive Pictures and Designs

Give life to your voucher by adding attractive designs and pictures. You'll want to go with graphics and images that go will with the purpose of this type of voucher. For example, if it's meant to provide people with a 50% discount off of turkey-related items, then you can include images of anything turkey-related.

4. Organize Your Content and Print Your Gift Voucher

Organize your text, images, and designs in your gift voucher. Set the tone of your voucher by using the right color, font size, and spacing. Once everything is in place, recheck your content, then print your food gift voucher with a good-quality special paper.

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