How to Make a Food Gift Voucher in Apple Pages

In a report by ABC News, about 85% of gift cards are redeemed within two months from when they were given. Consumers often make the most out of gift certificates, cards, coupons, and vouchers in an effort to save money. Thus, knowing how to strategize your discount marketing efforts is crucial to the success of your business. And to create your gift voucher, you might want to keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. See What Competitors Are Doing

Look into the marketing initiatives of your competitors. Study their restaurant vouchers and determine what you can do to set yourself apart. Since you're likely targeting the same consumer groups, ensure that your efforts don't go unnoticed. Aim for a distinctive look that will give your voucher campaign the attention it needs.

2. Cleverly Word Your Slogan

If your company tagline doesn't suit the occasion, feel free to incorporate a catchy slogan or quote that's relevant to the theme and purpose of your voucher. You can talk about your brand, the voucher, and how it will be useful to customers.

3. Pick the Right Colors

Colors have the power to evoke emotion and tell a story. It's one reason why choosing the appropriate colors is crucial to the way you convey your message. So as you design your meal voucher, take the time to experiment with different color schemes.

4. Keep It Simple

A simple voucher can go a long way for your campaign. Apart from keeping it readable, a neat and clean voucher is sure to attract attention from your customers. The key is to use white space correctly as you draw attention toward the central message of your voucher.

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