How to Make a Food Gift Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

After Pharmacist John Pemberton decided to give out free drink cards for his formula for Coca-Cola, it worked and became widely successful across the United States. After then, how vouchers have become? Today, the carbonated drink made by Coca-Cola is undeniably one of the most successful and popular beverages across the globe. One thing accounts for this success: vouchers.

Moving forward in the present many businesses use vouchers not only to promote a product but also to improve sales and market. The same goes for food gift cards. According to, 3.5 billion coupons were redeemed out from the 311 billion distributed in 2011. And food claimed for 65.7 percent of the portion. Based on this data, vouchers have a high impact on the food business. Believe it or not, vouchers became a refuge for unpopular brands and companies.

We made a list of steps in creating a food gift voucher in Adobe Photoshop. Read below and come up with the best gift voucher for your business.

1. Find Inspirations or References

Before going straight to the process of making food vouchers, look for inspiration first. If it is your first time making a business voucher, it is a convenient move to look for references. In this way, you will have ideas on how to begin. Take note of the essential points to remember. Keeping a note will also help track the progress of your voucher. Remember that if you aren't successful at the first attempt, you can always go over again. Take your time and learn from the trials.

2. Plan Out How to Make the Food Voucher

It is important to have detailed instructions to ensure the completion of the voucher. How will you start working with the food gift voucher? To give you a head start, download a gift voucher template that suits your business. A template will help you finish on time. And it is more convenient than starting from scratch.

3. Be Creative With Your Layout and Design

Usually, simple vouchers have limited space to work with. It is important only to include important details such as the name of the business, the value of the coupon, or the amount it vouches, validity date, and redemption instructions. Always be mindful of these things and do not cram everything in it.

4. Incorporate Business Branding

Since the purpose of a business voucher is to enhance sales, incorporate your business's brand on it. You can include a logo, slogan, or notable business trademark. Loyal customers will recognize your brand, while others will remember it.

5. Come Up with a Distribution Strategy

Vouchers are marketing tools that never go off-season. Some businesses give away vouchers during holiday seasons, while some distribute in the summer. You can mass-produce blank vouchers and use them whenever you need a voucher.

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