Football Vouchers Templates

Soccer, Football, Basketball, and Golf are Some Different Kinds of Sport Events that Offer Various Discount Tickets and Sports Game Gift Certificates for Loyal Fans and Supporters Especially During Special Events Like Birthdays. Create Football Vouchers by Downloading Our Free Football Ticket Templates and Gift Voucher Templates on See more

What Is a Football Voucher?

A voucher is a personalized coupon that allows the holder to avail of discounts or to exchange it for goods or services. A football voucher, like any other sports voucher, is used mainly for football-related activities or for game viewing, whether it is at home, a school field, sports bar, hotel lounges, or the stadium.

How to Make a Football Voucher?

To make the best football voucher, you need a lot of creativity! Bring out that artistic side of you with these following steps and grant every football fan the dream of a lifetime!

1. Plan Your Event

A true-blue football fan would never pass a chance to watch every single football game. Or the chance to learn how to play it themselves. They will anticipate every match and by now, are already allocating budget to buy whatever their favorite teams are selling or promoting out there. Make it your first step upon planning the theme of your voucher to figure out what kind of event you are organizing. Is it for a live NFL Super Bowl game? Maybe it's for a hotel viewing where your guests get to see the game in real-time by a pay-per-view event. Your voucher design will never go wrong if you know their purpose.

2. Location

Most football matches are done in stadiums. But if your event includes munching on food, drinking beers or wine and fans wearing their team's uniform while cheering behind the large television screens, then indicate where it would take place. Sports bars offer vouchers for loyal patrons who are die-hard fans but can not go to the actual venue of the game. For hotels, their game vouchers are mostly included in the package when one books for a room. Other times, these vouchers are for sale if the hotel management decides to open the event for outsiders who only want on in the fun. Besides, school football matches happen in school fields where wooden bleachers are aplenty. Make it your business to know where the game would happen for the reason that it would be included in the voucher.

3. Schedules

Dates and times of matches are very important for organizing a football viewing event, for selling and distributing the ticket vouchers. For major events like NFL, they release their schedules before the season begins. Also, they provide information about schedule changes and canceled matches. If you want to provide an accurate timeline for all voucher holders, post the timetable on your establishment's walls or your online pages for real-time updates. If it is for a live telecast, include the name of the television station broadcasting the game and the channel.

4. Discounts and Promotions

At this point, you have the event particulars down, so it's time to put the value for every voucher. If you are running a school football event, you may give discounts to parents or alumni members. Hotels give different discounts for every guest. A guest who books a room may get more discount coupons than the pay-per-view audience and they also get separate benefits. Sports bars may base the voucher's discount according to what drinks or food a patron may buy.

5. Codes

Lastly, before you distribute all of your vouchers, make sure you have a code you can track. Vouchers with codes will make it easier to trace your sales.