What is a Formal Invitation?

A formal invitation is a kind of invitation that has an appropriate tone that settles the people invited to have an idea of what to expect from the event.

How to Make a Formal Invitation?

If you are tasked to make an event invitation for an event, you can follow these simple steps to start making your own:

1. Design

Mostly, events have theme, and if you have a theme, make sure that you can incorporate it to your sample invitation. If you don't have a theme, you can just choose what design you want to put. However, you need to make sure that it will look formal, classy, and elegant.

2. Name of the Hosts

On your invitation, write the name of the hosts of the event. Make sure that you include the full name of the host/s. When writing, make sure that you use the third person (he, she, his, her, their, or they). This is a standard for formal events like a wedding, a business event, a graduation ceremony, and a grand opening. Another thing, you can use the first person 'we' for your formal invitation, but make sure to make it sound formal. For informal events like a casual birthday party, a friendly dinner party, and a baby shower, they written in a conversational style.

3. Phrasing the Invitation

Once you have written the name/s of the host/s, you can now write your party invitation. For example, after writing the name/s of the host/s, you can write, "(name of the host/s) cordially request/s your presence in the...", "...request the honor of your company...", or "...warmly welcome/s you to...".

4. Provide the Details of the Event

After the simple invitation phrase, you can now write the name of the event. Is it a birthday, a gala, a marriage, a business event, or a birthday? Another thing, when writing the date and time of the event, don't use date abbreviations at all. Make sure that you spell out the day, the month, the year, and the time. Like this, "Saturday, the twelfth of May two thousand and nineteen at six o'clock". Also, add the location of the event. When writing the event address, first put the specific name of the place, then its address, and then the name of the country.

5. Invitation Reply

Although not all, some formal invitations may have a reply card individually for the guests. In this way the host will know if the guests are available on the event or not. If your creative invitation has RSVP, write a space where the guest can put his name. Then, you can make choices answerable by a check mark. For example, they will choose from these: will gladly attend or cannot attend. You can put a small note saying the date when your guests should respond.

6. Give Instructions

To guide your guests, you can add special instructions like, "reception to follow" or "dancing will follow". Once you are done, you can now check everything. Make sure that you have no errors to avoid any confusion from your guests.

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